“Charlie Bit My Finger” Viral Video removed from YouTube

Remember the adorable, pixelated duo from the 2007 YouTube sensation, “Charlie Bit My Finger”? The video has been sold as an NFT for a whopping $760,000, and as part of the deal, the new owner, a crypto-art collector known only as “3F Music,” has requested the video’s removal from YouTube.

This move has sent shockwaves through the online community, sparking heated debates about ownership, digital art, and the future of viral sensations.

The 55-second video from 2007 depicts two young brothers, with baby Charlie biting his brother Harry’s finger, causing Harry to exclaim the video’s popular catchphrase.

With over 883 million views, “Charlie Bit My Finger” is one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time. However, the Davies-Carr family has announced that they will be taking the original video off of YouTube after the successful NFT sale.

“It’s the end of an era,” said Howard Davies-Carr, the father of the boys. “When we posted ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ on YouTube in 2007, we never imagined it would become one of the most viewed videos in the platform’s history. We’ve seen these characters grow up, but felt now was the right time to embrace new opportunities.”

The NFT version of the video sold through the auction house Bonhams to an anonymous buyer. NFTs are digital assets representing ownership of unique content. The “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT acts as a certificate of authenticity and ownership, granting the buyer exclusive rights to the iconic video.

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As part of the sale, the buyer of the “Charlie Bit My Finger” NFT will also have access to unseen footage of Harry and Charlie. The original 56-second YouTube video will be taken down soon, making the NFT version the only way to officially view the viral classic.

The $760,999 sale and impending removal from YouTube represents a new shift for viral internet content into the world of NFTs and digital ownership.

As more iconic digital media is sold in similar ways, internet culture and history may become collectible to wealthy buyers in entirely new markets.

Fans reactions on Charlie Bit My Finger Removal

On one hand, some argue that the sale is a testament to the video’s cultural significance and lasting impact. After all, it launched the careers of the Davies brothers (Charlie and Harry), became a viral language in itself (“Charlie bit me!”), and even inspired a children’s book.

For them, the NFT sale simply represents a new form of ownership and appreciation for a piece of internet history.

Others, however, express concerns about the potential ramifications of this move. What happens to the countless memes, remixes, and parodies that have sprung from the original video? Will they also disappear, erasing a significant chunk of internet culture?

Additionally, does this set a precedent for future viral content, potentially leading to a world where only the wealthy can own and control iconic moments?

The removal of “Charlie Bit My Finger” is undoubtedly a landmark moment in the intersection of online culture and the digital asset space.

While the debate about its implications will likely rage on, one thing is certain: this is a story that will be remembered long after the video is gone.

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