Who’s Daniel Toshs ex girlfriend Megan Abrigo? Wiki, Net worth

Megan Abrigo might look familiar because she’s been on your TV screens! She’s known for being on the exciting game show “Deal or No Deal” back in 2006 on the channel NBC. But Megan does more than model; she’s even hosted a show about sports called “Dialed In” in 2005.

Can you believe she started her modeling career at only 15 years old? By 2006, she was so widely admired for her looks that she was named one of the “100 Most Beautiful People” in a popular magazine.

Megan Abrigo rocking a black leather jacket, striking a pose for the camera.

Want to know more about Megan? Here’s the scoop:

Megan was born amidst the paradise of Hawaii in the USA on January 27, 1988. She’s a proud American with roots that trace back to Europe. Growing up in a Hawaiian town called Milani is where she first started modeling.

Megan decided to hit the books too, attending Loyola Marymount University in the bustling city of Los Angeles and earned herself an arts degree in 2005.

Megan’s Bank Account:

Megan Abrigo isn’t exactly short on cash—she’s got a whopping $10 million! At 33, she’s still in the modeling game, earning a pretty penny.

On average, a model in the good ol’ USA might pocket about $45,000 yearly, but Megan’s extra effort and stunning looks might mean she’s cashing in more than that.

She doesn’t flaunt her wealth too much, but chances are she’s got herself a snazzy house and some sleek cars to zoom around in.

Who’s Megan’s Beau?

Once upon a time, back in 2009, Megan was the other half to the super funny Daniel Tosh, an actor and comedian. After five years and lots of chatter about their relationship, the two called it quits in 2014.

Fast forward to now, and Megan’s heart is all aflutter for Tommy Cassano, a whiz at coaching people to be their best in their careers. We’re not too sure when their love story began, but they sure look like they’re over the moon.

Megan and Tommy haven’t added any mini-mes to their family, but Megan is a big fan of our animal pals, giving her time and support to animal rescues.

Megan Abrigo sitting on the beach, wearing a blue bikini, enjoying the sun and sand

Megan’s Work Adventures:

Starting young at 15, Megan kicked off her career in modeling, taking on small gigs before shooting to success.

Her hard work paid off big time, with lots of businesses wanting her to star in their adverts. Megan’s been the face for some big-time brands like Loreal, Boost Mobile, and Old Navy.

But Megan didn’t just strike a pose; she also took to hosting TV shows. She made waves as the host of “Dialed In” in 2006 and as a familiar face on “Deal or No Deal.”

These days, Megan keeps us in the loop with “The Ball Out,” dishing out the latest on everything from movies and music to sports and style.

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