Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom Star Shows off Her Post-Baby Fashions

Kailyn Lowry, the famous “Teen Mom,” is totally rocking some cool outfits after having her twins, Verse and Verve. She shared some awesome pictures of her outfits on Instagram and even told us where we can find them. Kailyn’s looking amazing, and it seems like she’s feeling great after the twins’ arrival!

Kailyn’s a super mom with a huge Instagram family of 4.6 million people! Can you believe it? She’s got seven kids, with the two newest cuties just born. She’s super honest and shares everything with us, from the twins’ health to all the ups and downs of her pregnancy. She’s also talked a lot about the time her babies spent in the special part of the hospital for newborns who need extra care.

Kailyn Lowry, the famous "Teen Mom"

Let’s chat about the outfits! Kailyn posted some cool looks, like leggings, cargo pants, and a jean jacket. Her fans are totally loving it and cheering her on in the comments.

One fan said, “Girlie, you look hot for having 3 angels in a year. I’m 59 years old and I love all of your podcasts. Keep being you, Kail!!” Another fan wrote, “The 4th Outfit Looks The Best. IMO.” And there were so many sweet comments like, “Girl you’re looking great!! Looking like a well-loved and fulfilled momma, and it’s all the people that love you ever wanted for you💕”

Kailyn Lowry the famous Teen Mom Post Baby Outfit

Kailyn’s not shy about sharing her baby journey with us, either. She’s been posting on Instagram and TikTok about how one of her baby girls needed to stay in the hospital for a bit longer, but now she’s home with her brother! She even made a funny video where she laughed off someone comparing her to Nick Cannon, who also has lots of kids. Plus, she shared a TikTok about all the names she and Elijah Scott thought about for the twins but didn’t choose.

Kailyn with her baby

She’s even let us see the first photos of her twins in the hospital. And she posted some really touching videos from her visits to the hospital before the baby girl could come home. Kailyn opened up about how tough it was to leave her baby there, even though she was getting better. “But obviously that doesn’t mean it’s any easier leaving,” she said, showing us a tiny onesie.

In one special video, Kailyn’s holding her baby and writes, “A glimpse of our NICU journey 💕 I’m sending so much love to all the NICU babies and families. I know there are so many that have gone through far more than we did… I see you 🫶🏼”

Kailyn’s really connected with all her followers by sharing her family life and her twins’ journey. It’s super important to her to talk about her time with the twins in the NICU, and you can tell she’s got a lot of love and support from her community. Go, Kailyn! We’re all rooting for you and your family!

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