Wonder Women to Watch on Netflix Right Now


Netflix has blown it out of the park with these shows
Netflix has blown it out of the park with these shows

We love Batman, Superman, and Bananaman as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need a Wonder Woman. Netflix has got a whole host of shows at the moment that put strong female characters front and center. From ass-kicking cowgirls to mystery-solving teens, the spectrum of impressive women is huge. Not only that, but it’s really entertaining. We’ve rounded up some of the best examples of girl power that Netflix has to offer right now. Get the popcorn going, pour yourself a drink, plump up the pillows and get ready for a great night in.

Molly’s Game 2017

Molly’s Game follows the true story of Molly Bloom, an ex-Olympic skier who found a new and totally different passion, organizing high-stakes poker games. Her games attracted the rich and famous, whether actors, musicians, politicians or business people. They were top secret and by invitation only, but when the word got out, the FBI got involved. We won’t ruin the ending for you, but watching Molly tackle her problems with endless brains and tenacity has superwoman written all over it for us. This film has sparked the imaginations of so many that there are even whole podcasts episodes devoted to the story and whether or not the truth may have been twisted. Personally, we think all filmmakers are entitled to a little artistic license, especially if it produces a film as great as Molly’s Game.

Godless 2017

If you’re after a girl power watch that’s made up almost entirely of women then you’ll struggle to find much more suitable than Godless. This miniseries is a brilliant look into the Wild West, more specifically an ex-mining village, where all of the men suddenly died in a mining accident, excluding the Sherriff and his second in command. This leaves just the two of them with a whole town full of women and children, who as it turns out is doing a pretty great job of running things. That is until an angry mob of bandits rolls into town looking for a man they think one of the women might be hiding. It’s dramatic, absolutely beautiful from the first scene until the last, and has a good dose of action in there too. The only complaint is that they didn’t make the series longer.

Enola Holmes 2020

Enola Holmes gives her brother a run for his money in this film
Enola Holmes gives her brother a run for his money in this film

Millie Bobby Brown can do no wrong at the moment and the recently released film Enola Holmes is just another point to prove exactly that. This film is based on the book The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer, was directed by the brilliant Harry Bradbeer, and was starred in and directed by none other than Milly Bobby Brown. The film follows the story of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister Enola, as she attempts to track down her missing mother. Along the way, she encounters traps set for her by her brother and some other adults in her life, but each time she manages to outsmart them. Although this film is aimed squarely at young adults, it stands up as a great Sunday night flick for people of all ages. The acting is brilliant, the storyline is entrancing and the costume department deserves serious congratulations.

Dumplin’ 2018

At the beginning of this film, you’ll be thanking Jennifer Aniston for never having had kids, she plays the part of a terrible mum who’s only interest is keeping her dwindling pageant career going and she plays it terrifyingly well. Her teenage daughter Willowdean is a slightly awkward plus-sized girl, who isn’t even remotely interested in her mother’s way of life and even if she was, she can’t walk in heels. Fast forward into the film a little and Willowdean (or Dumplin’ as her mother calls her) decides that she’s going to find her own femininity. She encounters some unexpected heroes along the way and eventually plucks up the courage to join the beauty pageant that her own mother is organizing. We don’t want to ruin the ending of the film for you, but we were praying that Jennifer would have kids by the end of it!

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