Women are playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ showing the Female Reality


Never Have I Ever the American show dependent on The Adventures of an Indian American at a Top school. The show puts the life of a character who for the most part assumes a job in Hollywood film forward.

And she made a female reality version of the game “Never Have I Ever” on TikTok in early May to spread awareness and help other women who’ve been through similar experiences feel less alone:


This is crazy 😳 DUET THIS AND SHARE, I want to follow along ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 #feminism #girltalk #realtalk #alwayslearning #fyp

♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

Here are the “put a finger down” encounters she traces in her video:

– Put a finger down in the event that you’ve been tranquilized.

– Put a finger down if your companions have been tranquilized.

– Put a finger down in the event that you’ve been followed.

– Put a finger down in the event that you stroll to your vehicle with your keys or pepper shower as a weapon.

– Put a finger down in the event that you check your secondary lounge and lock your entryways the subsequent you get inside your vehicle.

– Put a finger down on the off chance that you’ve been explicitly contacted improperly.

– Put a finger down on the off chance that you accomplished something with a man that you would not like to do on the grounds that you were frightened to state no for your own security.

– Put a finger down on the off chance that you’ve encountered something extremely startling or even illicit and you were terrified to report it since you didn’t figure anyone would tune in.

– Put a finger down if when you hear or see a man running behind you, you blow a gasket.

– Put a finger down if something terrible happened to you and the men who were around that you thought would ensure you didn’t.

But Sarah was not ready to see how many women were having the experience and immediately they posted videos on TikTok.


this reality is hearbreaking. we gotta continue to stick up and support each other ladies. & don’t b afraid to speak up, ur story could help others❤️

♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

9/10 fingers are down… no female (or male for that matter) should have to put any of these down. always speak up even if your scared. #fyp

♬ original sound – thebiggersthebetter

In conclusion, Sarah said she was additionally astounded by the quantity of men who dueted with her also. “My substance is made for ladies, and I believe I can just represent myself as a lady, yet heaps of men were disappointed in light of the fact that they are frequently prodded for opening up about their own injuries. Their torment and dissatisfaction truly underscored the requirement for change on how we talk about male injury and bolster male casualties,” she said.

Will there be Never Have I ever 2?

The arrangement requests for another season. We’ve to comprehend what occurs straightaway. In any case, Netflix has not restored the arrangement yet following its general inclination. Prior to substituting a show for one more season, Netflix sits tight for a month or 2. It hasn’t resuscitated Never Have I Ever yet.

Most definitely, there’s a decent possibility of this incident as the viewership and the show’s evaluations are high. Also, as it is by all accounts, Netflix is directly into blending societies in with shows from huge territories of earth, for example, Money Heist from Spain, and so on..

We may get the chance to catch wind of the show’s reestablishment before the month’s over or maybe the following month, in spite of the fact that the creation may not start at this time.

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