William Shatner’s Pitch for ‘Enterprise’ was Rejected

Star Trek followers have a lot of feelings aboutStar Trek: Enterprise.It’s one of many least-liked reveals within the franchise. It had plenty of promise when it first premiered, nevertheless it did not ship on these guarantees in plenty of methods, asGiant Freaking Robot outlined in its evaluation of the show.

Overall, Trekkers have been upset withEnterprise. They needed a fancy and revealing take a look at Starfleet’s early days and Earth’s function within the universe earlier than the Federation. What they obtained wasn’t what they anticipated or needed. The fanbase’s disappointment was evident within the scores. The show was such a scores failure that it was abruptly canceled in 2005.

Many of theStar Trek collection struggled with scores in some unspecified time in the future. One tried and true tactic for boosting scores, which was employed efficiently by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, was to carry on a well-recognized character from one otherStar Trek franchise. So, when William Shatner pitched a visitor spot to the Enterprise showrunners, it arguably would have made sense for them to leap on the alternative. However, they did not.

Here’s the way it went down.

Shatner Pitched a Mirror Universe Storyline


InStar Trek: The Original Series,Shatner performed each Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his evil counterpart within the Mirror Universe, Tiberius. According to Memory Alpha, Tiberius’ dominance within the Mirror Universe was maintained due to his possession of an alien expertise referred to as the Tantalus subject. This expertise allowed him to vaporize beings at will.

In aStar Treknovel based mostly on Tiberius’ experiences within the Mirror Universe referred to as “The Sorrows of Empire,” Tiberius finally met his demise due to the identical expertise that introduced him to energy. He was vaporized within the Tantalus subject by Marlena Moreau, his right-hand lady.

Shatner’s pitch to theEnterprise showrunners proposed a twist to Tiberius’ obvious ending. A couple of of the showrunners detailed the pitch throughout a conference panel shortly after the show was canceled, Trek Today reported.

Shatner instructed that the Tantalus subject was not, in reality, a vaporizer, however a transporter machine that despatched individuals via time and area. The proposed vacation spot was a penal colony prior to now. Given the truth that the crew of theEnterprise NX-01 traveled via time frequently, it wasn’t farfetched for them to come across a penal colony prior to now.

The pitch outlined an elaborate try by Tiberius to return to his personal universe. He would escape the penal colony and board Enterprise with the objective of utilizing their transporter to get him to the Mirror Universe. In the ending Shatner pitched, Tiberius would uncover that his universe did not exist but. He and the Enterprise crew have been thus far prior to now that the Mirror Universe had not but diverged from the Prime Universe.

The Showrunners Had a Pitch of Their Own

Executive Producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman attend the

Stephen Shugerman/Getty ImagesExecutive Producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman

When Shatner was executed together with his pitch, the showrunners pitched him their concept as a substitute. They advised Shatner a few storyline that concerned him enjoying an ancestor of Kirk’s who ended up on Enterprise. The character can be the middle of a plot laid out by Daniels, the time-traveling Federation operative who steadily despatched Archer and typically the entire Enterprise crew into completely different timelines. The pitch hinged on Daniels needing to seek out this ancestor of Kirk’s in order that he may substitute Kirk when he went lacking sooner or later.

However, Shatner wasnot a fan of that pitch. One of the showrunners on the panel revealed that after they completed telling Shatner their concept, “there was a protracted silence.”

Apparently, Shatner and the showrunners have been by no means capable of finding a storyline that everybody preferred. Shatner by no means ended up showing on the show.

It’s unlikely {that a} single episode and even multi-episode look by Shatner would have modifiedEnterprise’s destiny. However, it could have been a extremely fascinating cameo if it had occurred.

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