William Shatner Says That Kirk Can’t be Bisexual

This week, William Shatner, who performed Captain Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series, bought right into a spirited debate with some Trek followers on Twitter. He responded to a tweet he was tagged in about his place on whether or not or not hisStar Trekcharacter may be bisexual, a preferred fan idea that is been circulatingfor fairly a while.

The fan idea was revived over the summer time when aStar Trek insider tweeted that producers have been contemplating making Kirk bisexual in Strange New Worlds, the Captain Pike-centeredStar Trek: Discovery spinoff. Though the rumor has not been confirmed by anybody related to the show, it has been a frequent subject of dialogue within theStar Trek fandom.

Shortly after the rumor broke, Shatner chimed in on Twitter. He stated if the showrunners ofStrange New Worlds determined to make Kirk homosexual, it was “OK by me.” However, he additionally added that in the event that they did so it could be to “align with cancel tradition presentism.”

When the controversy arose once more this week, Shatner had fairly a bit to say.

Shatner Clarifies his Real Feelings

On Tuesday, a fan tagged Shatner in a tweet about Mark Hamill suggesting that Luke Skywalker may be homosexual. They added a remark about how Shatner had been unwilling to acknowledge that Kirk would possibly be bisexual, and praised Hamill’s “compassionate” feedback.

Shatner quote tweeted the tweet, including a caption about how given the political local weather of the Nineteen Sixties, the time interval whenStar Trek: The Original Seriesaired, making Kirk bisexual wasn’t possible or sensible. He argued that the show by no means would have made it on the air if Kirk had been portrayed as queer. Shatner then adopted up with a tweet calling individuals who consider that Kirk is bisexual “moronic.”

Shatner continued the controversy with several follow-up tweets. He asserted {that a} character from the 60s could not be homosexual, declaring that Rock Hudson, probably the most common actors of the time, could not be open about his sexuality due to the prejudices of the day. Hudson by no means publically got here out, however in response to Biography.com, his announcement that he was dying of AIDS in 1985 was his popping out. At the time, AIDS was thought of a illness that solely queer individuals bought, so Hudson knew that admitting he had AIDS would verify the rumors about his sexuality that had been circulating in Hollywood for years.

In one other tweet, Shatner reiterated that if the showrunners for Strange New Worlds need to make their model of Kirk bisexual he was okay with that. However, he stated that he refused to go together with the concept simply to please individuals who wished the present requirements of the world to use to his character. He made it clear in a number of tweets that the character he performed in TOS was not bisexual no matter how the character might be portrayed sooner or later.

One fan tried to explain to Shatner that folks have been suggesting that as a person within the twenty third century, Kirk won’t be certain by the old concepts of sexuality that Gene Roddenberry was certain by when the character was created. They steered that although the character could not have been written as queer within the 60s, Kirk would possibly be queer anyway. In response, Shatner included a quote from Roddenberry’s e book about Star Trek: The Motion Picture wherein Roddenberry had Kirk make clear that he was straight. In the tweet, Shatner insisted that this proved Kirk was not homosexual.

Presentism in ‘Star Trek’

Shatner incessantly references the concept of “presentism” when discussing popular culture subjects, together with new additions and modifications to the Star Trekcanon. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, presentism is outlined as “an angle towards the previous dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences.”

According to Shatner, the will to vary the Star Trek canon to align with present conceptions of what’s acceptable and mainstream is an unacceptable type of presentism. He has argued on a number of events that the old exhibits ought to be appreciated for what they have been and that the brand new exhibits ought to respect the canon that was established.

The debate about whether or not Kirk ought to be bisexual within the new collection is the encapsulation of Shatner’s presentism argument. Kirk is a personality that has existed for over 55 years and in all that point, Shatner argues, there has by no means been any indication that he was bisexual. According to Shatner, making Kirk bisexual within the new exhibits would be a illustration of the showrunners giving into presentism to please followers.

Many followers agree with Shatner’s presentism argument. They consider that applying current politics, particularly “identification politics” into the brand new Star Trek exhibits goes towards the core of the franchise.

However, many different followers disagree with Shatner’s assertion that presentism is a foul factor for the Star Trek universe. On the subject of Kirk being bisexual, several fans tweeted that updating the interpretation of the character would be a optimistic transfer. They asserted that illustration in media, particularly science fiction, is basically essential and that making Kirk bisexual would make their favourite franchise extra sensible and inclusive. Many followers said that although Kirk could not have been written bisexual within the 60s, that did not imply he wasn’t bisexual or could not be right now.

The debate over Kirk’s sexuality is a heated one and is prone to proceed whether or not or not the showrunners for Strange New Worlds truly make the character bisexual.

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