Why William Zabka Was Hesitant To Show His Children ‘The Karate Kid’

One of the preferred characters on the acclaimed collection “Cobra Kai,” is Johnny Lawrence, portrayed by William “Billy” Zabka. While he has made many errors all through his life, he regularly tries to higher himself and make amends to these he has damage, like his son, Robby Keene performed by Tanner Buchanan. For this motive, followers can simply empathize with the martial artist. However, the character is way much less likable within the unique “Karate Kid” movie. He was portrayed as a ruthless bully and beat up the film’s protagonist, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) to the point of near unconsciousness.

William Zabka Recently Revealed That He Was Hesitant To Show His Children “The Karate Kid”

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, William Zabka lately revealed on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast that he was beforehand hesitant to show “The Karate Kid” to his kids, ages 11 and seven. He defined that when his eldest little one “was 5 or 6,” he had come throughout “an image of [Johnny] kicking Daniel LaRusso within the ‘Karate Kid’.”

“[He] mentioned ‘What’s this image from? Did you combat that boy?’ I’m like, ‘Well, yeah, it was pretend, it was faux, it was a film.’ He goes, ‘Did you win?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, no I did not win,'” mentioned Zabka with fun.

The 55-year-old then defined he was in no hurry to show his kids a movie the place he performs a violent and merciless character.

“I wasn’t actually too able to show my children me being imply, kicking a man’s a** towards a fence after which getting a crane kick on the finish,” mentioned Zabka.

Zabka went on to say that each of his kids, whose names haven’t been publicly launched, have visited “the set of ‘Cobra Kai'” and are “able to see ‘Karate Kid.'” The actor then revealed that they don’t appear notably keen to observe the movie. He defined that in their household “film evening[s],” his kids “by no means counsel ‘Karate Kid.'”

“But they may. They sort of understand it via osmosis. I feel it is of their blood. They intuitively know what occurs to me on the finish of that they usually do not actually need to see that prepare wreck,” quipped Zabka.

William Zabka Shared Similar Comments During a January Interview

Zabka shared comparable feedback throughout a January interview on The View. He defined that he “at all times say[s] if [he] performed Daniel LaRusso [his children] would have seen it on day one.”

“But I do not need them to see that man take the crane kick, you realize,” mentioned Zabka.

He then talked about that his kids “love Ralph and Marty Kove [who portrays John Kreese] and the entire cast” of “Cobra Kai.”

While talking to Esquire in December 2020, Zabka mentioned how fatherhood has impacted his efficiency as Johnny. During the interview, he revealed that earlier than he had organic kids, he had “assist[ed] elevate” his godson.

The paternal a part of rising up and getting some years on you stretches your coronary heart. That performs into the show,” mentioned Zabka.

To see extra of Zabka, take a look at the primary three seasons of “Cobra Kai,” accessible on Netflix.


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