Why Wesley Crusher Was Roddenberry’s Favorite Character

Wesley Crusher is without doubt one of the most polarizing characters within the “Star Trek” universe. Many followers hate Crusher with a passion. However, many different followers adore the character. The followers who hate Crusher normally reference the truth that he was an unrelatable marvel child with unbelievable intelligence and abilities. In distinction, the followers who love Crusher typically say that they discovered the character fully relatable. They recognized with being the clever outsider who was at all times looking for their place.

“Star Trek’s” creator Gene Roddenberry additionally had sturdy emotions about Crusher. In truth, the character was one in all his favorites. Here’s why Roddenberry was so connected to the Enterprise’s Boy Wonder.

Roddenberry Based Crusher on Himself

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Crusher was one of many first characters Roddenberry developed for “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The unique “show Bible” for TNG, the detailed doc that outlined the show for potential writers, included an in depth description of Crusher’s character. That description revealed that the character can be named Wesley, nickname Wes, which was Roddenberry’s personal center identify.

According to the e book “The Next Generation Companion,” Roddenberry later revealed that Crusher was explicitly primarily based on a perfect model of his teenage self.

“I indentify most likely extra so with Wesley as a result of he’s me at seventeen. He is the issues I dreamed of being and doing.”

TNG producer and author Robert Justman argued that Wesley ought to be a lady named Leslie as an alternative. He identified that many reveals featured teenage boys, whereas few featured teenage women. Justman wished to discover the struggles of being an extremely good adolescent lady.

At one level in the course of the growth of the show, the character was modified to a lady. However, Roddenberry was so connected to Wesley Crusher that he made the manager resolution to vary the character again to a boy.

In an interview with Roddenberry’s son, Rod Roddenberry, “Star Trek” showrunner Rick Berman talked about how Gene noticed himself in Crusher.

“Wesley Crusher was Gene as a younger man, which, in a approach, is nearly a father and son relationship. So, he did, he went and created sons.”

Wil Wheaton, who performed Crusher, additionally spoke to the youthful Roddenberry about how a lot his father beloved Crusher. Wheaton mentioned that at an early conference he attended with Roddenberry, some followers had been speaking about how a lot they hated Crusher. According to Wheaton, Roddenberry went off on them.

“Your dad was like ‘You shut up! I really like Wesley and I made Wesley out of me and it is my show! And when you’ve obtained an issue with it go watch one thing else!’ And I used to be like, ‘Wow, your dad stood up for me.'”

Roddenberry’s attachment to the character was evident each on and off the display screen.

Roddenberry Also Loved Wheaton

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Roddenberry additionally had a really shut bond with Wheaton, maybe as a result of he beloved Crusher a lot. On his blog, Wheaton wrote about his friendship with “Star Trek’s” creator.

“He and I had been good mates. When I’d go by his door, it was not unusual for him to throw an government out of his workplace and ask me in for a go to.”

In that very same publish, which detailed Wheaton’s demoralizing first assembly with “Star Trek” famous person William Shatner, Wheaton described how Roddenberry demanded that Shatner make amends after their awkward introduction. Shatner did, actually, apologize. Wheaton known as this “one of the crucial fondly remembered” items Roddenberry ever gave him.

Wheaton has regularly spoken about how a lot Roddenberry’s assist meant to him when he was a younger actor and the way Roddenberry took him below his wing.

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