Why did Annie get arrested in good girls? Season 4 Ending Explained

Good Girls season 4 ended on a cliffhanger leaving the doors open for another season release but heartbreakingly, the fourth season was the finale and there will be no season 5 of the series.  I can’t imagine this show hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season. Why does crap get final without end however great things ends after a few years?

Anyway, upon studying this right now I’ve begun rewatching the whole collection and having fun with it simply as a lot as I did the primary time. Everyone does a terrific job however I’m particularly impressed with Retta. She’s such a pure, there may be nothing “actorly” about her.

Good Girls Season 4 Ending Explained

At the top of season 4, Beth Boland (Hendricks) is elected to the town council. Her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard), her sister Annie (Whitman), and mates Ruby (Retta) and her husband Stan (Reno Wilson) are all planning to maneuver to Nevada to flee their lives of crime, however, earlier than that may occur, Mick (Carlos Aviles) exhibits as much as Beth’s residence and shoots her.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Stan need to decide whether or not or not they actually do wish to transfer to Nevada. Stan basically offers her an ultimatum: include us, your actual household; or keep behind with Beth and Annie.

In her last scene of the show, Ruby’s seen packing. But will she go? Or possibly she was unpacking? We’ll by no means know.

In the ultimate scene, Beth and Rio, the cash launderer she’s been working for-slash-flirting with for 3 seasons, sit on their park bench, however the tables have turned. She’s spent all her time so far as a small-time criminal, doing what he’s requested of her as a result of he at all times had the higher hand within the relationship.

She tells him, lastly, “You work for me now,” to which he responds “You received it, boss.” Beth, now on the town council, wields extra energy than she ever has, and now she’s lastly in a position to be a big-time prison.

Why did Annie get arrested in good Girls?

Annie was arrested in Good Girls because she take up the blame of her sister Beth so that she can prevent her from getting into jail. All the shreds of evidence were against Beth but Annie tampered the gun with her fingerprints to make sure that she will go to prison instead of her elder sister.

Why did Annie get arrested in good Girls season 4 ending

It was Mick who left the gun behind that was used to kill cash printer Lucy in season 3 and the nonsense Beth left her prints on that could end up putting her in jail. But the twist happened and Annie got arrested for being a Good Girl and this concludes the series.


I’ve to confess I binge-watched the collection and did a whole lot of enhancing myself by skipping via giant sections. Otherwise, I might not have made it by way of all 4 seasons. I discovered that watching the collection was like mining for gold – there was a whole lot of dross to be discarded, however, the nuggets made it definitely worth the effort.

There was virtually common excellence within the high quality of the performances, the exception I believe being the Annie character, by the top of season 2 she had changed into a caricature somewhat more than a personality, annoying and underdeveloped. I beloved the Retta character, I believe hers was essentially the most well-rounded and grounded efficiency of all, she was like an anchor that held the entire story collectively by way of all of the unevenness.

I imagine that I could have favored it for various causes than most individuals did. The most compelling and watchable factor for me was the sophisticated and somewhat twisted relationship between Beth and Rio. Watching the way it grew and developed and has become this bizarre however actual mixture of worry, revulsion, lust, dependence, and to some degree, it became a form of love.

Beth noticed in Rio what she hated but in addition what she grew to want, the way in which all of us wish to be unhealthy generally however cannot fairly deliver ourselves to dwell out. Are any of us pretty much as good as we expect we’re? And if circumstances abruptly modified and alternatives arose, would we abandon the security of the mundane for the attraction of the darkish longings all of us secretly have?


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