Crossfire Trail Filming Locations, 2001 Western Film Cast, Review

Where was Crossfire Trail filmed

Crossfire Trail is a 2001 western motion movie directed by Simon Wincer from the screenplay by Charles Robert Carner.

The story of this made-for-television movie relies on the 1954 e book of the identical identify by American novelist Louis L’AmourĀ that follows a wanderer, Rafe Covington who promised his dying finest good friend to handle his Wyoming ranch and beloved spouse earlier than his dying.

Even although the movie units in Wyoming, the precise taking pictures came about in a totally completely different location. Let’s dive into the precise filming areas of the film proper now.

Where was Crossfire Trailed filmed?

Crossfire Trail was filmed at CL Ranch-45001 Township Road, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The weapons and different firearms used within the movie have been specifically designed for the filming functions.

You will discover loads of scenes the place Joe Gill is carrying a weird-looking rifle that resembles with Eighteen Eighties rifle. That traditional gun was handmade and assembled in such a fashion that it resembles the 1800s type.

Crossfire Trail filming locations

Calgary is the most important metropolis within the western Canadian province of Alberta positioned on the financial institution of Elbow River and Bow River. The metropolis has the Rocky Mountain Foothills and the Canadian Prairies that present preferred surroundings to arrange some ranch scenes.

Moreover, there may be additionally a ranch on Township street that was used to shoot many of the scenes starring Virginia Madsen and Wilford Brimley.

Even although Calgary is just not a preferred taking pictures location like Vancouver nevertheless it served because the filming location for numerous award-winning movies.

Who’s within the cast?

  • Tom Selleck as Rafe Covington
  • Wilford Brimley as Joe Gill
  • David O’Hara as Rock Mullaney
  • Virginia Madsen as Ann Rodney
  • Christian Kane as. J.T. Langston
  • Joanna Miles as Melissa Thompson
  • William Sanderson as. Dewey – Bartender
  • Ken Pogue as Gene Thompson
  • Barry Corbin as Sheriff Walter Moncrief
  • Patrick Kilpatrick as Mike Taggart
  • Michael O’Shea as Charles Rodney
  • Daniel Parker as Taggart Gang Member (as Daniel T. Parker)
  • Rex Linn as. Luke Taggart
  • Brad Johnson as Beau Dorn
  • Mark Harmon as. Bruce Barkow
  • Kyla Wise as. Millie – Barmaid (as Kyla Anderson)
  • James Nicholas as Chief Red Cloud
  • Marshall R. Teague as Snake Corville (as Marshall Teague)
  • Glen Gould as Bear Killer – Warrior with Chief Red Cloud
  • Carmen Moore as. Dancing Flower
  • Mark Acheson as Capt. Gorgan


The movie has received lots of mixed reviews from critics with a 7.1 rating on IMDb and the rating is really justified. Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon have done an excellent job along with the desperados.

It’s a great contribution to the western genre and if you are a die-hard fan of western films then you are going to cry tears of joy. Even though, some people find the film with factual errors and some are even saying that the plot is pointless but that’s not true.

If you are looking for adventure with emotion then this is good.

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