What If…? Ending Explained: What happens with Agents?

What if…? AC for Streaming Service Disney+ Bradley, based mostly on the Marvel Comics sequence of the identical title. It is the fourth tv sequence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, and the studio’s first animated sequence.

The sequence explores alternate timelines within the multiverse exhibiting what would occur if key moments from the MCU motion pictures had been totally different. Bradley serves as lead author with Brian Andrews directing.

It is feasible that Ultron couldn’t have been defeated, he merely lived in Panopticron, the house of the Watchers, which is out of house and time.

But the second he entered a timeline to oppose the Guardians of the Multiverse, his actions might be noticed by the Seeer, a cosmic being who may see all the things that was, and all the time shall be.

The Watcher made this error by deliberately putting the Guardians of the Multiverse in a dimension that was empty of life, understanding that their sudden life indicators would catch Ultron’s eye.

They then retreat into the dimension of Ultron’s residence, stealing the Soul Stone – and thus forcing Ultron to pursue them. Of course, the final shot of the sequence reveals now-brunette Anne sunbathing in Spain, however that’s to be anticipated.

Really, no matter ultimately. It occurs that appears inevitable – Marcos is getting married, Lisa and Sean are getting again collectively, wealthy individuals are residing wealthy. Even the largest twist was most likely the viewers’s first guess:

In episode 9, Anne Montgomery is moved to her childhood house and tells Lisa her origin story. It seems when Anne was a youngster, her promenade date cheated on her and she or he bumped into the one individual in her life, a handyman performed by Josh Kelly.

The old officer took benefit of her fragile situation and she or he grew to become pregnant. But when she went to the abortion clinic, her physician gave her a household quantity that might pay for her to have the newborn and undertake her when she gave start.

Anne takes the cash and retains a watch on her little one… All is effectively in her personal world – however Captain Carter is feeling hopeless about returning to her universe as a result of she is a girl exterior of her time.

But The Watcher nonetheless despatched her again with a smile, and Captain Carter quickly learns why the post-credits scene revealed the Hydra Stomper — and probably her long-lost love Steve Rogers (Josh Rogers). Keaton) – is retrieved by SHIELD.

And with that last reveal, what if…? Ended his first wild season. She arrives on a Helicarrier the place Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, and Joe are on the U.S.

The Agent seemingly struggles to struggle in opposition to Loki and his Asgardian military and rapidly joins the fray, joyful to be again amongst any model of the Avengers.

For the remainder of the Guardians of the Multiverse, their endings are fairly apparent and contain going residence to some form of joyful ending. It’s attainable we would see Party Thor or T’Challa Star-Lord in some future setting, however for now, we’re joyful to depart them.


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