What are sea frets and why do they ruin the North East’s weather?

What a cliche: a thick fog on components of the Tyne, notably round the coast, whereas a few of the nation basked in sunshine.

The coast was significantly better this afternoon as the low cloud lifted however nonetheless – what occurred?

Why is Newcastle’s climate usually hampered by mist and fog when the remainder of the UK enjoys uninterrupted solar?

Sea frets and haars – what are they?

It’s usually the case in summer season months that the North Sea coast sits below a blanket of damp, chilly mist regardless of a heatwave raging inland.

If it is any comfort, we’re not being singled out for unhealthy climate; it is extra prone to do with sea frets and haars.

Did you simply say haar?

Yes. A haar is a coastal fog, extra generally referred to in Northumberland as a sea fret.

It’s rather more widespread on the east coast than the remainder of the UK, particularly up North and in Scotland due to the chilly North Sea.

What causes them?

Ironically, the sea fog might be attributable to heat climate; when a pocket of heat air passes over the freezing chilly North Sea, the moisture in the air begins to condense.

As the air increased in the pocket begins to cools down too, it types a fog; mix it with a breath of wind and we might be lumbered with it over the coast and even additional inland.

Usually, a little bit of sunshine will burn away the sea fret but when it is thick sufficient, and the wind continues to blow it in, then even the solar placing his hat on will not assist.

So do not feel too unhealthy about us being singled out for unhealthy climate – it is a fairly native phenomenon that we have used to down the years, and is extra to do with our location than luck.

supply: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/information/north-east-news/what-sea-frets-ruin-north-6898508


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