WCTH Exec Hints at Elizabeth & Jack Moment in Season 10

The showrunner for Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” not too long ago revealed that the show must handle a unfastened finish in Elizabeth and Jack’s story if it is renewed for season 10. The unfastened finish is straight linked to GAC Family’s “When Hope Calls” spinoff particular that aired in December, when Jack’s ghost visited Abigail.

Jack’s Secret Message for Elizabeth Will Have to be Addressed if the Show Is Renewed

On the particular back-to-back Christmas episodes of “When Hope Calls,” Jack’s ghost visited Abigail and revealed a secret, bittersweet message for Elizabeth. Now John Tinker, the “When Calls the Heart” showrunner, has revealed that this huge second goes to must be addressed someway if “When Calls the Heart” is renewed.

In season 9 episode 2 of “When Calls the Heart,” Henry revealed that he and Abigail had not solely been writing to one another, however he went to see her through the break between season 8 and season 9. Elizabeth talked about to Henry that Abigail instructed her she actually appreciated his go to.

However, the massive elephant within the room for followers is that through the “When Hope Calls” spinoff in December, Jack’s ghost appeared to Abigail. He gave her a bittersweet message for Elizabeth that she promised to ship, however to date hasn’t. And contemplating that Abigail and Elizabeth write on a regular basis, it appears odd that she hasn’t discovered about that paranormal occasion but.

In an interview with “When Calls the Heart” followers on YouTube, showrunner John Tinker recapped season 9 episode 2 and took a quick segue to debate that particular message and what may occur sooner or later with it.

“I do suppose in some trend, ought to we go to season 10, we have to handle the message that … Jack gave Abigail,” he stated. “Somehow that is going to must be conveyed in a filling, satisfying method… That’s to be a bridge pushed off after we get to it, if we should always get picked up.”

He did not elaborate past that. But it does appear to be season 10 will someway reveal Elizabeth lastly receiving Jack’s ultimate message for her.

Tinker Also Said They Had Hoped to Somehow Film Henry & Abigail’s Meeting

In the identical interview, Tinker stated they needed to movie Henry and Abigail’s assembly, however it did not work out.

“We had been hoping to shoot slightly one thing, however we simply virtually could not make it occur,” Tinker stated. “I feel in all the writers’ minds, we have now a special notion of what occurred when the 2 of them met. Here’s what all the writers agree on: It was too transient for Henry for positive. And that Abigail wasn’t capable of break free, at the very least not at that second.”

He added that Elizabeth and Henry have developed a particular friendship, however Abigail can by no means get replaced.

“And now reasonably than simply writing to Abigail, Elizabeth form of has change into a go-between between the 2 of them and it is actually pretty, they’ve a really particular relationship,” Tinker stated. “She’s virtually stepped in a bit, for me anyway, as a surrogate Abigail. But it is clear to all of us, due to the writing that is preceded that episode and the performing, that nobody … might ever take Abigail’s place. So we’re hoping to deal with that…properly quickly.”

Learn extra about what Jack’s message for Elizabeth was in Heavy’s story right here.


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