WATCH: Fan Theory Explains Bajoran’s Secret History

Fan theories are entertaining, however they need to at all times be taken with a grain of salt. That being mentioned, for Star Trek followers, one of the crucial fascinating fan theories on the market includes the Bajorans. Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will recall that the Bajorans are on the coronary heart of the show’s plot. The Bajorans have been liberated from Cardassian rule shortly earlier than the occasions of the show’s first season. Looking again on the show, one Star Trek superfan has generated a concept that explains the advanced relationship between these two races.

A Fan Theory Suggests Bajorans Are the Same Species as Cardassians

Cardassians and Bajorans are the SAME SPECIES (Star Trek concept)Cardassians and Bajorans do not appear to be probably candidates for being the identical species, however all of the proof appears to level to that conclusion. —————————————————— The restricted use of the copyrighted clips and music on this video for evaluation and commentary are in step with honest use rules in US copyright regulation. —————————————————— CREDITS: Brought to…2017-11-30T21:47:26Z

The video above, from YouTuber EC Henry, explains how proof on the show factors to Bajorans and Cardassians being members of the identical species, regardless of their radically totally different bodily appearances.

For the needs of this video, the creator is utilizing the time period “species” to confer with any group that is ready to naturally interbreed, with out medical interventions. While there are various “hybrid” characters on Star Trek, this fan concept attracts a transparent distinction between teams that seem to have the ability to interbreed naturally, equivalent to Bajorans and Cardassians, and teams that require medical intervention to conceive or ship an toddler, equivalent to Human-Vulcan liaisons.

Over the course of DS9, there have been two necessary characters who have been recognized Bajoran-Cardassian hybrids. Given the occasions depicted on the show, each hybrid instances appear to have been pure births with no medical intervention. This is smart, given political tensions between the 2 teams, in-universe.

The video additionally factors out that the Cardassians and Bajorans stay in neighboring photo voltaic methods, and that the traditional Bajorans have been recognized to make use of photo voltaic “lightships” to journey faster-than-light, within the time earlier than Warp know-how. Such an historical ship was seen within the DS9 episode “Explorers”. Additionally, Cardassia Prime is reported to be inside 5 mild years of Bajor, in accordance with data revealed within the DS9 episode “When it Rains…” which appears an inexpensive distance for a fictional historical starship to have the ability to journey.

According to this fan concept, one doable origin story for the Cardassian “race” is perhaps that they have been Bajoran explorers or colonists who landed on a harsh planet. Unable to return residence, over time, the survivors grew into a definite race because of their isolation…and maybe attributable to harsh environmental elements on the world the place they landed. Those unknown elements might have contributed to the Cardassians distinctive necks and “spoon heads”, that are very totally different from the comparatively “clean” Bajorans.

This Theory Adds Another Dimension to Conflict Between Bajorans & Cardassians

The battle between Bajorans and Cardassians was on the heart of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The wormhole the station protected was situated in Bajoran house, however the Cardassians have been typically suspected of wanting to manage it, within the wake of their Bajoran occupation.

One main level the fan concept video makes is that, given the historic tensions between. While its not acknowledged explicitly through the show’s run, viewers are result in imagine Cardassian-Bajoran hybrids are considerably widespread, albeit taboo in each cultures.

Still, there’s one thing fascinating about the concept that Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat had extra in widespread than they realized, at the very least if this fan concept may be believed.



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