Was William Zabka a Martial Artist Before Playing Johnny?

William Zabka Revealed if He Practiced Martial Arts Prior To Playing Johnny While on a Panel

“I did not know any karate,” revealed the actor.

He then shared that in the course of the audition course of for the movie, he believed that his lack of karate expertise lessened the possibility of him securing the function. He additionally referenced the truth that Johnny has a keenness for bikes in “The Karate Kid.”

“I actually did not assume I’d get the half. When I learn the script he was a bike gang chief. He was a karate black belt, so I actually took myself out of the equation, considering nicely, you recognize — so I discovered every little thing for the movie. They skilled us,” defined the 55-year-old.

The actor additionally shared that he had not beforehand ridden a bike.

“It was my first time on a bike, first time with a black headband, all the brand new issues, you recognize,” stated the actor.

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