Was Garak from Deep Space Nine Working for Section 31?

Section 31, the key, black ops division of Starfleet, is a mysterious group that ceaselessly influences the Star Trekuniverse. The group was first launched inStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9). Agents of Section 31 additionally appeared inStar Trek: Voyager and theStar Trek prequel collectionStar Trek: Enterprise andStar Trek: Discovery.

According to Enterprise, Section 31 was created as a part of the unique Starfleet constitution, that means the black ops group has been round so long as Starfleet. However, as DS9 established, by the twenty fourth century Section 31 was now not sanctioned by Starfleet. Though they had been thought-about a rogue group, Starfleet nonetheless referred to as on them to deal with extra unsavory duties.

Agents of Section 31 operated in full secrecy, generally even from different brokers. Throughout the laterStar Trek collection, a number of notable Starfleet officers revealed themselves as brokers of Section 31.

One fan theory means that one of many non-Starfleet residents of Deep Space Nine was truly a Section 31 agent planted on the station to cross data to the group.

Did Section 31 Have an Agent on Deep Space Nine?


Elim Garak was a Cardassian who lived on the Cardassian area station Terok Nor, which became Deep Space Nine when the Cardassian occupation of Bajor ended. Garak was exiled to Terok Nor for betraying his father, a strong political operative on Cardassia Prime. When Terok Nor was taken over by Starfleet and the Bajoran Provisional Government, Garak was the only Cardassian who remained on Deep Space Nine as a result of he could not return to Cardassia Prime.

His continued presence on Deep Space Nine was a relentless supply of thriller for the Starfleet officers and Bajorans who lived on the station. Garak was not imprisoned on Deep Space Nine. He had the liberty to hop on one of many many freighters that frequented the station and head anyplace within the Alpha or Gamma Quadrants. However, he selected to stay on Deep Space Nine the place, as a Cardassian, he was not notably welcome. The fan idea means that the rationale Garak remained was that he was planted there by Section 31.

As later episodes of DS9 confirmed, Section 31 was protecting a detailed eye on the area station, which is sensible due to its large strategic significance. As the first episode of the show revealed, the station was on the mouth of a secure wormhole that allowed for journey into the Gamma Quadrant. The station was additionally a key location for the Federation as they assisted the Bajorans with the termination of the Cardassian occupation.

So, it is sensible that Section 31 would need an operative on Deep Space Nine.

Why the Theory Makes Sense

Andrew Robinson as Garak on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


The idea that Garak was a Section 31 agent is not farfetched, particularly as a result of he had earlier expertise working for a black ops group. When he lived on Cardassia Prime, Garak was an agent of the Obsidian Order, a CIA-like intelligence company that did the soiled work of the Cardassian authorities. Given the truth that the Cardassian authorities was perpetrating a violent occupation, one can solely think about the heinous issues they wanted a black ops division for.

Garak, who was recognized by throughout him as a compulsive liar, by no means gave any straight solutions about his work for the Obsidian Order. He informed many tales, however as he told his friend, Dr. Julian Bashir, “I by no means say the reality as a result of I do not imagine there may be such a factor.

However, it was a recognized incontrovertible fact that he was a member of the organization and that he’d maintained a few of his contacts on Cardassia Prime. Those contacts could be extremely beneficial for Section 31, however it might have been tough for a non-Cardassian operative to entry them. So, recruiting an operative that already had his personal contacts could be a sensible transfer for Section 31.

Garak’s place on Deep Space Nine additionally gave him distinctive entry that others did not have. He wasn’t aligned with Starfleet, Bajor, or the Cardassians, supposedly. This meant that he may domesticate relationships with folks all around the station with out the bags that got here with these associations. This would permit him to dig up data that others would not have the ability to discover. However, his capability to entry data from others residing on Deep Space Nine was hampered by the truth that just about everybody believed he was a spy and knew him to be a liar. Still, he managed to achieve sufficient belief from sure folks on the station that he turned a confidant.

Another indication that Garak might have been working for Section 31 was his shut relationship with Dr. Bashir. In the episode “Inquisition,” Section 31 tried to recruit Bashir due to his genetic enhancements. Garak may have developed his friendship with Bashir as a solution to scout him for Section 31.

Being an agent of Section 31 may additionally clarify why Garak did not get into extra hassle on Deep Space Nine. As the only Cardassian on an area station in orbit round Bajor, Garak was asking for hassle simply by current. However, he appeared to keep away from battle as a rule. It might be argued that this was as a result of folks feared he was a Cardassian spy. It is also argued that this was as a result of Section 31 offered covert safety.

Unless one of many individuals who labored on the show confirms it, followers won’t ever know whether or not Garak was truly a Section 31 operative. However, if he was, it might clarify quite a bit.

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