Viewers Think 2 ‘The Voice’ Acts Should Have Been Eliminated

Some viewers of NBC’s “The Voice” think that the wrong acts have stayed in the show for longer than ones who are more talented. The show has moved on from Blind Auditions and other pre-recorded rounds, and the performers who get to move on to the next round are now chosen by voters each week.

Since the rules have changed, each contestant is given an equal chance to get to the finale, as the show has strayed from the format where each coach would lose an artist during each live show.

Now that we’re down to 11 artists, some fans of the show are thinking other artists should have gone home first.

Fans Think The Trio & Duo Should Have Gone Home

Some fans think that duo Jim and Sasha Allen should have been sent home earlier on in the competition, according to a Reddit thread about them. The poster wrote, “Can someone please explain to me everyone’s obsession with Jim and Sasha? I see nothing special about them and it literally just sounds like they’re singing karaoke each time they go on stage.”

Some people pointed out that Sasha has over 600,000 followers on TikTok and has had plenty of viral videos, which could be fueling votes to come his way.

Another person commented, “EXACTLY they’re nothing special at all!!”

Another thread says that Sasha should have tried out for “The Voice” by himself rather than with his father.

The other group that fans don’t think should still be on the show over other talented performers is Girl Named Tom. One thread about them reads, “Okay don’t come at me about this… But… Why was Girl Named Tom saved by America two weeks in a row? I think there are other contestants that have better performances than them. Is there something about them that I am not noticing?”

People who replied seemed to disagree with that and argued that their performances were better than some of the artists in the top 13.

There are also multiple threads where fans talk about whether or not they believe groups have a place on “The Voice” in the first place, as the show is generally marketed toward solo performers. In the second, a poll asks fans if they think groups belong, and the majority of people voted for “Yes!”

‘The Voice’ Schedule & Teams

There are 11 artists remaining on “The Voice” season 21 at the time of writing. Each week, the pool will be narrowed until the finale, which is set to air in mid-December. Because of the new rules, there is not an even number of artists on each team.

Instead, Team Kelly still has four artists, Team Blake has three, and Team Legend and Team Ariana each have two artists remaining. At this rate, it’s possible that some coaches will get to the finale and have no artists remaining.

Here’s who made it through to the top 11:


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