Video: ‘No One’s Listening and Everyone Is Talking.’ Swing State Voters Look to the Future.

“Across the nation nervousness is rising …” “One the most contentious elections in historical past …” “… and pandemic that has reworked the method the nation votes…” “Here’s Pennsylvania, a should win for Trump, his lead. has been …” “Votes are being counted in the states that can resolve this election …” “Let’s check out Arizona now …” “Is making an attempt to undermine this election …” “We are at a tipping level … Vice President Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania …” “… exhibits no indicators of conceding …” [overlapping sound] “I’d say the temper and vitality of this election can be very chaotic.” “Unfortunately, nobody’s listening and everyone seems to be speaking.” “I believe the largest half is simply the reduction. All the political adverts are over. Everybody I do know is simply accomplished with that.” “Around right here, it is suburbia, so you’ve that break up vote, folks feeling disenfranchised a method or the different.” “There’s plenty of inequality on this nation, large, you understand. We decide one another by how we glance. We disguise behind our social media.” “Something that we have moved away from is having open dialogue of concepts. And I believe that Pinellas is such a swing space, it is as a result of we do have these sort of discussions, hash some issues out, you understand.” “And they had been instructing folks to hate our nation …” “Will you shut up?” “… 47 years you have accomplished nothing, they perceive …” “You’re the worst president America has ever had.” “I’m a patriot. So irrespective of who’s in workplace, I respect that. But because it’s going proper now, oh my God, it is like a bunch of chickens combating one another.” “The final 4 years have left me wanting extra.” “It was plenty of nervousness main up to this level.” “I need folks to have extra belief in authorities, have extra belief in the political leaders and the folks we elect.” “The politics are fairly divided and issues appear actually darkish. But, you understand, as an individual of colour, issues have at all times sort of been darkish.” “I do not suppose we focus sufficient on setting. We definitely do not focus sufficient on, you understand, the downtrodden. We simply do not do sufficient to assist folks.” “Donald Trump has a dying grip over the grass roots …” “… Democrat Party needs to flip us right into a socialist nation …” “Donald Trump is operating a hustle on a few of the most gullible voters in historical past.” “The silent majority.” “… in opposition to the reality …” “There’s a sense as if center America is simply informed to shut up and sit there and vote left.” “I did vote for Trump and I’d once more. There’s nothing that he does not symbolize in who I’m.” “We weren’t essentially going to vote for Joe Biden till, you understand, possibly May or June. And by then Covid was actually fairly terrible.” “I voted for Donald Trump regardless of the points that I’ve with him. Just primarily for financial coverage and for stances on worldwide affairs.” “I imply, it is tough as a result of neither get together is actually consultant of a hyper-progressive stance that I’d take pleasure in.” “I are not looking for to dwell in a socialist nation. Not in any respect. That was my important focus. Secondly, proper now, I believe the economic system is nice. It’s making an enormous comeback. And I believe Trump was the man to do it and to maintain it going.” “This nation … it is scary what number of states voted for Trump. I believed we’d, he would, Biden would win in a landslide. And it is stunning. I’m shocked.” “This has been a tricky election for me, truthfully. I’ve at all times voted Republican. I didn’t vote Republican this time. I voted Democrat as a result of I don’t like Donald Trump.” “There are downsides to each. And due to that, I personally, I did not do sufficient analysis to vote. Family-wise, I do have household that helps Trump. But I simply … I could not.” “Well, the one which stood out that he was for the little man. Biden, as a result of he is down to earth.” “One aspect of a deeply divided nation is celebrating this week.” “Biden-Harris marketing campaign has the most radical platform …” “And Donald Trump has proven us time and time once more, how he feels about our group.” “… fully sick of identification politics, it is rubbish …” “… a racist …” “When I used to be a youthful lady, you understand, we talked about the elections all the time. But we do not anymore.” “I believe Democrats are just a little extra open-minded, you understand, truthful to see the different aspect, considering critically, and it simply looks as if the voters on the different aspect, identical to, ‘This is how it’s.'” “I’d love to speak to my mates on the different aspect, nevertheless it will get too…heated.” “And that is, that is actually unhealthy. It stops the dialog that we want to be having, however we do not do it. We do not.” “A reshaped Republican Party, now grappling with what its future holds.” “… the president is now enveloping himself is that this fantasy that the election continues to be ongoing.” “He is ignoring a pandemic, which truly is ongoing.” “… has been speaking about unity, what they’re pushing for …” “… divided nation … repay all of this ache.” “Heck yeah, a united nation issues. I imply, that is America. I hope my liberal mates are proper. I nonetheless love all of them the identical.” “I don’t suppose we shall be unified in any respect.” “Honestly, it is going to most likely get just a little bit worse earlier than it will get any higher.” “I do not really feel any sort of method in opposition to anybody who chooses Trump. They have their causes for doing what they do, like I’ve my causes for voting for who I voted for.” “And I’ll respect the president, irrespective of who it’s. And that is not like Trump. He bought no respect from anyone that was in opposition to him. And I believe that is incorrect.” “I do not suppose we’ll ever get there. We’ve at all times been divided.” “America is America. But I have a look at the good aspect and there’s plenty of good folks right here. Rather a lot.” “Yes, it issues that we’re a united nation. If we do not stand for one thing, we’ll fall for something.”



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