Vaughn Armstrong: The Best & The Worst ‘Star Trek’ Aliens

Vaughn Armstrong not solely holds the report for essentially the most roles performed within the “Star Trek” universe, however he additionally holds the report for essentially the most completely different sorts of aliens performed. In his three-decade-long Trek profession, he is been a Klingon, a Cardassian, a Romulan, an ex-Borg, a Vidiian, an Alpha-Hirogen, a Kreetassan, and a human.

Because of his breadth of expertise with “Star Trek” aliens, Armstrong is considerably of an knowledgeable on the Trek make-up division. He’s spent numerous hours being remodeled into the creatures, which makes him the right particular person to weigh in on which Trek aliens had been the most effective and worst to create.

The Best and The Worst

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Armstrong mentioned that the simplest make-up job out of all of the aliens he remodeled into was the Romulans. He commented that to change into a Romulan, he solely needed to cope with a wig, a easy brow prosthetic, and a few comparatively mild make-up. This was a breeze in comparison with among the different aliens he embodied.

However, Armstrong mentioned that among the visitor actors on the show could not cope with the alien make-up, even the simplistic Romulan make-up. He recounted a time when one actor received so fed up with the make-up that he stormed off the set and threw his wig in a garbage can on his manner off the Paramount lot.

When Michael Westmore, the famed Trek make-up director, discovered about this he exclaimed with dismay, “That’s a two thousand greenback wig!” Armstrong mentioned that Westmore ran off the set to retrieve the hairpiece.

Armstrong recalled that creating the Kreetassan was essentially the most troublesome make-up course of he’d ever gone by means of. He spent six or seven hours within the make-up division for that position. Becoming a Hirogen was additionally arduous as a result of, along with the difficult make-up, he needed to cope with a sophisticated costume.

“The Hirogen was most likely the worst as a result of they cowl every part… Your physique is totally lined and you have got the gloves on and the stuff is light-weight, however thick on you. Really, it is heat, the one I may sweat was out of my eye holes. They thought I used to be crying, I assume… That was most likely essentially the most uncomfortable.”

Armstrong went on to say that the primary time he performed a Klingon was tough as nicely.

“That first one which I did, that Klingon, that make-up. I do not assume they had been as used to it as they received in a while, as a result of I received a horrible response to it on my brow… This horrible rash. They fastened it up and it was higher after that first day. That was essentially the most excessive impact on me.”

Armstrong performed a Klingon two extra occasions after that position, and he grew used to the make-up course of after that.

The Makeup Made the Characters

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Armstrong emphasised that although the make-up was intense, it did not hassle him.

“I feel a part of why they saved hiring me is I did not thoughts that a lot, all of the make-up. It sort of took a meditation to not pay any consideration to it and sort of make it a part of the character.”

Armstrong went on to say that he used his time within the make-up chair to determine the personalities of his characters.

Every second I’m attempting to determine what it was of their evolution, what effected their evolution to make them end up that manner. It’s an attention-grabbing course of. The Klingon I did, I all the time pictured him… rising up butting heads with a goat within the yard. Just for enjoyable. So, they developed the necessity to butt as a lot as a canine must chew. And they sharpen their enamel as nicely, so in addition they gotta be chewing on the bones with the canine within the again… So, that gave me a sure posture as a result of I received the sensation we used that brow for a weapon. And once I come right into a room I’d sort of put together the top to butt and it gave me a sure posture… The Cardassians, their necks, I assumed, they needed to be straining with such delight for therefore lengthy that it began to do that to their neck muscle tissue. That stress and hatred of throughout, turned them into this creature.

So, his hours within the make-up chair had been nicely spent. The insights he gained in regards to the aliens he was turning into throughout that course of allowed him to painting them as authentically as attainable.

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