U.K. Film and TV Charity Launches COVID-19 Recovery Fund


In the UK’s TV and film love rolling out a new 19-COVID Recovery Fund distribute, to £ 2 million ($ 2.5 million) in the film, cinema and TV workers who were hit hardest by the pandemic.

A fund that is likely to financially support who is in that moment of great impacted by a negative impact of the many consequences that even that, consequently, a focus on the of talent from diverse backgrounds. That will enable us to, and shall be free of targeted financial support The scheme having met, and it may be well for themselves are recipients of subsidies for up to six months of life.

A fund created with a £ 1 million ($ 1.3 million), giving Amazon Prime, which has grown from donations from BAFTA, BBC Studios Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment and ViacomCBS, as well as private donors and various fundraising efforts.

A new plan to protect the wine industry for a different amount Pipeline auxiliary to end discrimination and professional perfection. The recent research commissioned by the charity has warned of a pandemic but are directed to result in some groups that already face barriers to entry into the industry, including Black, Asian and minority stock of workers, women who live outside London and people with disability.

Alex Pumfrey, CEO of film and TV Charity said: “We have diverse talent – among women who were black, Asian or minority ethnic background and those who are disabled – now being disproportionately impacted by the crisis due to a range of factors. So this is true without urgent help we will destroy this nation of energy.

“There are incredible in favor generous support Amazon Prime video BAFTA many members of the BBC Studios Sky Studios and Sony ViacomCBS, then intended to study and industry efforts to people that should not. We have to support action real opportunity for workers in the largest the necessity to protect the diversity of our industry now and in the future and I hope that this time, others will seize them to donate to COVID 19, Lord. “

The new system is part of the film and TV-19 COVID charity broader response is seen to pivot love to find new ways to help the industry. To date, more than 5.8 million raised for charity £ ($ 7.4 million) of ringfenced funding, mental well-being launched a range of financial services among the services they provided useful guidance.

The faith and to raise a further £ 900,000 ($ 1.1 million) to meet the costs COVID 19 still response inviting donations.

George Brown, director of European Original at Amazon Studios, said: “We know this much needed assistance because now the creative industry in the UK and rebuilds production was re-start the country, and delighted with our supporting Movies on TV charity continuous efforts to attract more and more members of donations and delivery of our community, especially those who’ve been affected by it can be supported. “

Amanda Berry OBE, the chief executive BAFTA, added: “Now, more than ever, at the same time that we must come from industry personalities, who are struggling to maintain, and we all have to protect different parts of the workforce. I want to say thank you to the BAFTA enormous mass is in the members of his own accord, Film, and TV and of heretical wickedness of his supporters, who is love, and he that Fund Recovery COVID 19-support BAFTA remain true to the spirit of love is the mission of the. the Film and TV is charity, even as I also have to applaud in the work to support his ongoing their affected by the pandemic COVID-19. “

Source: variety.com

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