TV Roundup: Kate Winslet, Priyanka Chopra Jonas Join ‘A World of Calm’


At today’s TV News Roundup, HBO announces Carl Crawford and Priyanka Chopra Jonah to the narrators of this series, “A World of Calm and Dr. Anthony Fauci returns to” The Daily Show, Thomas Noah. “


Crawford and Priyanka Chopra Jonas and join max on HBO“S”A World of Calm’10-episode series of peaceful that combines the narrative is well known that we have the stars, launching June 1. Each mental images in a skirt for half an immersive experience and expertise vocals soothing music perfect life offers a tranquil escape from the bustle. From a series of randomly build off the victory more sleep News, relaxing time and a place for adults, such as a feature for forests and climate spaces breached it. foretold narrators include Ali Mahershala; Elba; Marcus Isaac; Nicole Kidman; Zoë Kravitz; Lucy Liu; Cillian Murphy and Keanu Reeves.

UMC found in his room, his multi-cast comedy series “Millennials.“AMC has cast streamer ownersKyle Massey; Keraunos Cicero;Philip Bolden;Aaron Gradyand Teresa Celeste a kind of chaos, which is concerned with a series of four young people not to sail the success of a grip of the heads of the city, there were 20 roommatesas of God.


FX announced a new series of limited ‘Dwelt on black“It will be premiere Oct. 23. The series, produced by effecting Amanda Coe; Andrew Cicero and Control Allonand Lucius Richer and Ayel butt for BBCAnd in its premiere, all three episodes of release, available with the full series the following day after day in FX Hulu. From 1939 to Rumer Godden novel, the show tells the story of ambitious traffic sister Clodagh (gemma arterton), Who spearheads MOPH a scenario in which he plans to remain in the community haunting, hidden clifftop palace once known as “House of Women.” In order to bring about the nuns of St. Faith acclimatize to the new environment, to the palace and the sins of the past, and together with the effects of illness separation, as in the first toll. Watch a movie here. Watch the video below.

more AMC; AMC networks“Premium membership new bundle will premiere”The Walking deadWalking Dead: The World“And”Soulmates“it is June 1.These two series of new episodes will be available for every Jupiter lines ahead of their premieres on Sundays and Mondays, respectively. “Walking Dead is no World” Expand “Walking Dead” whole long history of civilization in the first generation raised in a post-apocalyptic. “Soulmate” 15 years’ time, the world will scientists have been engineered to accurately predict what the test’s soulmate.

Fox Nation; Fox NewsS streaming service, and the debut “The right of the power of the: of Douglas Debates Lincoln,“it is Sept 24; ahead of the first presidential debate. Documentary film, which is about seven political debates between the GOP candidates must Clergé and Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas, and there is not too different from Claremont McKenna College should, Princeton University, and others. The film will explore modern-day coats of arms entwined, “Debates about what a great 1858.”

facebook watch announced a new original docuseries’Latina Music“And Premiere Sept 24. The project Latin music features three stars; THALIA; flour and Reyes soundingjoy. produced The Mottola Company Inc.; ėone and Sony Music LatinThe docuseries will not delve into the artists’ will reveal details about upcoming projects in their personal and professional lives. Executive producers include known Muse tommy Mottola; long-ra; Mark Herwick; Alex Gallardo; green AFO; Alex Cicero and Melissa Bidwell. All new episodes and released Thursday. Watch the video below.


command MondaysNew global network management, and development of games and of pronouncing “and Mandalorian“It will launch October 26, Disney and Lucasfilm announced. The product line will feature a new “Star Wars” toys, books, comics and culture, collectibles and digital content on its website to Monday Feb. 21. The relay’s a new season, the new TV premiere on Fridays Over Disney starting June 30, took home seven Emmys last week. The announcement of the celebration, the goods are available to choose pre-orders today, and the department stores globally.


Media fuse and OUTtv a co-production partnership with the announced vice Studies by “Minded clothes“A developer across the series featuring the kind of nonconforming people who first premiere globally in 2021. Hosted by activists, family, model nonconforming Richie song Shazam Canadian musician and Luke SilveiraThe series is filmed in place in Canada and the United States, appear when the production of this month in accordance with the coronavirus safety protocols. “Garments mind” and across the center of the nonconforming gender identity is to find young people who hold in their own learning styles in the context of individualized life is an upcoming.

late night

on this night, Dr. Anthony Fauci returns’Daily Show and Thomas NoahJulianne Moore; Chace Crawford and G Polo will appear on “Tonight Show starring in Pluto“When a former United States National Security Adviser HR McMaster and Laurence Fishburne will appear on “From the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “To host”In the late night, Seth Meyers“include Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carmen hunt.


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