Top-Notch Android Phones Available In The Market

The development of computing technology has permanently altered our perspective on life. Ranging from the relatively lowly important fields such as entertainment to the relatively highly crucial disciplines of medicine and nutrition, many new phenomena in all aspects of human existence emerged following the advent of computing systems.

But, in all the many advances that have taken place, it has to be agreed upon that the most significant advance since the advent of the microchip has to be the birth of the smartphone. We say this with so much surety knowing that cellphones have effectively taken over our minds.

Perhaps, this is why, in the case that you ask any philosopher, they will tell you that they think that cellphones are actually parts of our cognitions, only different from the brain in the fact that they exist outside of our physical being. Our phones, like our minds, store data for usage in the future. This data can be in the form of pictures that you took to record precious instants with your beloved friends and family.

Alternatively, phones are also used by us to journal our thoughts for usage later on. In short, to restrict this piece of writing to a reasonable word count, we are going to jump ahead to the conclusion that cell phones are gigantic players in our everyday lives.

In the case that we all agree that phones play extremely significant roles in our lives, we can logically derive that buying a good phone that works well is much better than investing in a poor mobile device that ends up not working in the finest manner. For a moment, hear us out: all the phones in the marketplace can take pics but only the ones that are the most costly have cameras good enough to take pics worth cherishing for the rest of your lives.

Similarly, the phones that have powerful processors are the only ones that allow you to fully benefit from the fastest Xfinity internet plans even though any phone can enable online surfing.

Top-Notch Android Phones

Now that we have proved that upgrading to a better cell is well worth the money, we feel the moment is right to begin looking at the finest cellphone options available. Well be looking at the top Android phones in particular; it is important to note that a list of the best iPhones in the market is given in another article that we wrote. Without further ado, let us get right into it!

Best smartphones in market right now

Google Pixel 6 Pro

It would be a shame if we left the flagship phone of the company that invented Android out of a list of best Android smartphones. Thankfully, the Google Pixel 6 Pro lives up to what you would expect from a market leader like Google and we do not have to leave the device out of our article. Since its introduction in the month of October of last year, the Google

Pixel 6 Pro is very talked-about amongst the general public. Its popularity is because of the multiple features the phone packs. Having a battery of significantly more than 5000 mAh, the phone has an impeccable endurance rating of 84h.

While the front camera has a resolution of around eleven megapixels, the main camera boasts a whopping fifty-megapixel resolution. The cell is dust and water-resistant throughout. In the case that your main worry isn’t foreign particles entering your phone but it is your phone screen breaking, know that the Corning Gorilla Glass that the screen is made up of is exceptionally tough.

Its toughness is not the only thing that is good about the screen; it also has an impressive resolution of 1140*3120 pixels. The display measures 6.71 inches diagonally. Alongside everything else mentioned in this paragraph, the Google Pixel 6 Pro also features a fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most expensive version of the latest model of the flagship cell of one of the best smartphone companies so you can expect it to be really costly. And it is. It costs well over a grand in terms of United States dollars. However, it does pack in a lot in exchange for that money.

One of its cameras is more than a hundred megapixels. The process is also very impressive as it is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8. In a similar fashion to the Google Pixel 6 Pro, this phone has a fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers as well.


With the hope that you now have an improved idea of what is happening in the Android market these days, we bid farewell!


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