Top 5 Logo Design Ideas in 2021

Symbols have been used since the Stone Age to give specific meaning to establishments. Recently, companies are rethinking their current logos to keep up with modern times and trends.

And almost every brand is investing in a company symbol, and even video games such as the Book of Ra have not been left behind.

For instance, there is greater demand for logo animation ideas from game developers and graphic designers to create highly memorable insignias.


Why Does Your Company Need a Logo?

There are plenty of reasons why almost every company is investing in a trademark symbol. For instance, if you are a startup in pursuit of recognition, such as PayPal Casino, your primary purpose for a company logo would be to help you make a solid first impression that lasts in the minds of consumers.
Other reasons why your business needs a modern company symbol to include:

  • Grows brand awareness.
  • Tells the story of your company. People can trace the history of your company by looking at how your trademark symbol transitions through the years.
  • Promotes brand loyalty
  • It sets you apart from the competition

The main aim is to make your trademark symbol as memorable as possible. And it all begins with the design. To get logo ideas inspiration, use all the available tools you can find. You want your business to make a valuable impression on people, market your brand, increase sales, and ultimately grow your company.

Whether you just launched your startup or already run an established enterprise, here are 5 modern-day logo design ideas for your business you can try.

5 Logo Ideas For Your Business

1. The Minimalistic Approach

Some cakes are tastier minus the icing. The same concept can be applied to symbol design. Gone are the days when designers leaned towards complex logo ideas with letters and numbers. Some had a long company name, a symbol of some sort, and the year of establishment incorporated into one design. Thus, the advent of minimalism.

The minimalistic approach is slowly amassing favor in modern symbol designs. Take Dunkin’ Donuts. They recently revamped their traditional trademark symbol by dropping the ‘Donuts’ bit. And we must agree, their new design is fantastic.

Business people

The minimalist logotype idea creates clean trademark symbols that designers can use in branding and marketing campaigns. Uber, Nike, and Apple are all doing it. Their company symbols are some of the most simplistic designs but are perfect when imprinted on T-shirts, brochures, posters, and business cards.

2. Use Color

Since time immemorial, colors are said to convey specific meanings. For instance, when you see a green logo with a tree, you form the impression that the company has a connection to the environment (read: green movement).

Just look at the use of red hues to depict youthful brands, such as Cocacola.

3. Be Literal

Sometimes you do not have to look far away for unique company logos. Literal innuendo can formulate some of the most recognizable logo designs. For instance, the Apple logo is, well, an apple.

Many companies use their brand names as their trademark symbol, and it is working perfectly for them. FedEx and Uber are some famous striking examples.

4. Incorporate Shapes

Most traditional logos sat within a rectangle or circle, which diminished the unique element. But all this is changing. Do not be afraid to give life to your trademark symbol with versatile shapes. You do not have to stick to what you know only.


The FedEx logo has an arrow strategically placed between the E and X. It makes the logo stand out, and you can use any shape under the sun, even if you’re trying to come up with logo ideas with numbers.

5. Typography

Go for outlandish fonts and text sizes rather than using ordinary ones. You can download several font suites on Google to come up with outstanding logo designs.

Mix up different fonts and sizes to introduce a fun element to your company symbol. Hand-drawn illustrations are also gaining popularity.

The Bottom Line

Use a logo idea generator to access modern design templates. All great trademark symbols began as a concept, even big names like McDonald’s. Consider the above ideas for your company logo.

A simple search online using a search tag like logo ideas Pinterest will reveal trending designs.

Feel free to share your process or opinion about these logo ideas in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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