Tom Bergeron Recalls Craziest DWTS Moments

Former “Dancing With the Stars” host Tom Bergeron was as soon as requested in regards to the craziest or most memorable moments from the show. Here’s what he selected.

Bergeron Said He’s Glad He Had an Earpiece For One Infamous Moment

Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction on Dancing With The Stars 2011There was an alleged wardrobe malfunction on Dancing with the Stars involving Nancy Grace. *Subscribe:

In an interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Bergeron stated that whereas he was glad the show did away with scripted materials after season one and simply let the hosts ad-lib, he’s glad to have an earpiece in for emergencies — like Nancy Grace’s wardrobe malfunction throughout week two of season 13.

“It does assistance on this show to have an IFB (interruptible foldback earpiece),” stated Bergeron. “Typically I’d form of bristle at it, however it’s useful … for instance if anyone has popped out of their costume and I do not see it.”

He then recalled how throughout Grace’s notorious wardrobe malfunction, he wasn’t watching the dance intently sufficient and he then heard in his ear, “Nancy Grace, breast alert! Breast alert!”

“With her, I needed to truly elevate her costume up. She denied vehemently that it occurred, and I stated nicely … Nancy. [mimes I see you]” stated Bergeron with fun.

He Loves the Emotional Moments

dwts jerry kym w4season 3 week 4 waltz tune: Patti Page – Tennessee Waltz2013-04-08T23:54:24Z

Bergeron stated there have been a few occasions that actually touched him emotionally, like “Jerry Springer having discovered the waltz to bop it at his daughter’s wedding ceremony and he or she was there [in the audience].”

“Laila [Ali] did an identical factor to her father when Muhammad Ali was there, emotional moments like that the place it is not about being on a TV show, it is about being a father or a daughter. Those are very candy moments,” stated Bergeron.

Marie Osmond Fainting Was a Big One

Marie Osmond CollapsesIf you want to touch upon the video, please depart it to your get nicely (or “keep nicely”) needs for Marie, thanks!2007-10-23T17:37:25Z

During the fifth week of season 5, Marie Osmond and companion Jonathan Roberts took to the ground for a samba and afterward, came to visit to the judges’ desk for his or her critique. But Osmond handed out whereas standing there between Roberts and Bergeron and Bergeron stated it was “a very tense second … I knew we wanted to get the paramedics in there.”

But he stated the TV host a part of him “kicked in” as a result of he knew he wanted to diffuse the stress after they got here again from the industrial.

“As she regained consciousness, she locked eyes with me and I believe it dawned on her what had occurred … and he or she checked out me and went, ‘Oh crap!’ and I knew I had a line. I knew getting back from the break all people was gonna be freaked out at house … I had a line to diffuse the stress.”

So as soon as it was obvious that Osmond was OK, he stated he instructed the viewers that “Marie is backstage and I simply need you to know as she opened her eyes, she checked out me and stated, ‘Oh, crap!’ and massive chuckle.”

Bergeron Sets the Record Straight on Boo-Gate

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There was fairly a kerfuffle throughout season 11 as a result of Bristol Palin was within the cast and so her mother, Sarah Palin, got here to the show lots. One week, it appeared as if the viewers, led by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, was booing Palin. But they weren’t. Bergeron defined that they had been booing the low scores given to Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough.

He recalled:

Grey/Hough, the judges had scored it low, I assumed too … [the scores] got here in somewhat low and Jamie Lee began booing the judges as a result of she’s not bashful, Jamie Lee Curtis, which I really like about her … so she begins booing the judges and you may hear the booing over Brooke [Burke] making an attempt to speak to Derek and Jennifer and so they form of go, ‘Oh, what’s that?’ and so they minimize to me sitting with Sarah Palin. And by the way in which, Sarah booed the judges too! So that created the look that oh, they’re booing Sarah Palin and Tom did not even reply to it, however I knew what was occurring, it did not even happen to me [to say anything].

So there you will have it — Jamie Lee Curtis and the “Dancing WIth the Stars” viewers was not booing Sarah Palin, they had been booing the low scores.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 is predicted to premiere in September 2021 on ABC.

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