5 Health Tips for Improved Performance in Online Degrees Programs

Good health is key for the proper functioning of mental faculties, whether the goal is an online accounting degree or an online nursing degree. Some key tips.

Given the excitement and challenge of attempting to earn a degree online while juggling other commitments like work or family, working with students as an essay writer, I’d like to say that it is natural for students who are reasonably fit to relegate health concerns to the background. The pursuit of an online degree course, though, can easily lead to neglect of one’s health and consequent repercussions – on course performance as well as long-term health.

Important health areas to watch out for are physical exercise and activity, ergonomic design of work area, eye care regimen, nutrition and healthy eating, and healthy sleep practices. Paying attention to these will pay dividends in the form of a fresher, energized body and clearer mind.

Regular Exercise Routine for Optimum Performance in a College Online Degree

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The long hours entailed by an online course make it easy to sit hunched up over the computer absorbed in work, mindless of all else. This is likely to take a toll on health, however, so ensure that there is time for a regular workout in the daily schedule.

Use the excuse to get out and get some fresh air as well – schedule a workout in the gym or the park rather than at home – or sign up for dance classes. It will also provide a much-needed opportunity to socialize.

When working, make it a conscious habit to periodically do a series of musculoskeletal system stretches and exercises to relieve and relax muscles. Get up and walk around at least once every hour.

Healthy Study Station for Improved Performance in an Online Masters Degree

Proper seating and working posture are extremely important for sustained and efficient functioning without succumbing to complaints of backache, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other computer-related health problems. Invest in ergonomic computer furniture, and pay attention to lighting.

Design the workstation to function as a cheerful, inviting study area – conducive to spending long hours comfortably, without physical strain or stress. Ensure that the colors used are soft and pleasant rather than harsh and bright.

Healthy Study Station for Improved Performance in an Online Masters Degree

Eye Care Regimen for Sustained Achievement in Online Degree Programs

Given the nature of an online degree, students are extremely susceptible to eye strain and eye fatigue. To safeguard against eyestrain, specific precautions need to be followed from the beginning, with a properly drawn out eye-care regimen, complete with “eye breaks” and eye exercises.

Workstation lighting also plays a key role in avoiding eye strain; ensuring glare-free and even, shielded lighting for optimum performance. Low wattage lighting is recommended over bright, high wattage illumination, with window lighting at a ninety-degree angle to the computer if possible.

Healthy Eating for Maximizing Potential in an Online Master’s Degree

Junk eating is one of the greatest dangers of spending long hours at the computer. Avoid the temptation to have a bag of fries handy, or to snack every so often. Make a few rules regarding snacking and stick to them; alternatively snack on fruits or other health foods that serve as mini-meals.

Be aware of nutritional requirements, and ensure healthy eating with properly balanced meals rather than hastily thrown-together sandwiches or crackers and soup. Follow mealtime discipline, and avoid the temptation to delay or skip meals when engrossed in work.

Healthy Eating for Maximizing Potential in an Online Master’s Degree

Proper Sleep Cycle for Mental Clarity in a College Online Degree

When multiple commitments are juggled, time is invariably in short supply, and it is natural for most people to cut into sleep time to create extra time. If this becomes a regular practice, the result is sleep deprivation, which causes daytime sleepiness and significant impairment of mental faculties.

Cutting down on sleep regularly to work nights can be counter-productive. Instead, schedule a full eight-hour sleep cycle into the timetable and benefit from the freshness and mental clarity which results from a rested mind and body.

Good Health a Key Ingredient of Success in Online Distance Education

Rather than taking health for granted, spending some time on physical health actually enhances performance when attempting to earn a degree online. Make time for a vigorous workout, create a comfortable study area, invest in eye care and healthy eating, and ensure adequate and restful sleep – and enjoy the dual benefit of great health as well as excellent performance and career advancement.


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