TikTok Teens Have Made Another Decree: Skinny Jeans Are Out

It brings me no pleasure to report that mere months after banishing side-parted hair, Gen Z has come for millennials’ beloved skinny denims. Does their wrath know no finish?

According to Glow Up University (not an accredited educational establishment), Gen Z “has spoken” and thin denims are over; we’re all purported to put on straight-leg and boot-cut denims now. So throw each pair of thin denims out of your closet now and begin buying, fellow Olds, or the Zoomers will come for you. 

I’m kidding, clearly. Wear no matter denims you need. Skinny denims! Boot-cut! Dark-wash! Distressed (which, thank God, Gen Z thinks are nonetheless cool)! I, for one, haven’t got the time or funds to redo my pants wardrobe. I paid good cash for my skintight skinny denims, and I’m going to put on them, rattling it! 

Why Gen Z is concentrating on skinny denims is a thriller—however the social media debate rages on. TikTok is their area, so millennials fearfully clutching your favourite pair of Zara denims, tread flippantly as you swipe. You’ll most likely discover extra allies on Twitter, the place millennials and Gen Xers have made their place clear: Hands off our skinny denims. 

“No offense however you’ll be able to pry skinny denims from my chilly, expired arms .. i do not care if this makes me a ‘millennial’ .. i’ll die on this hill,” one particular person tweeted. 

“Me rolling into the bars sporting skinny denims when all of that is over,” one other particular person wrote, alongside the enduring “How do you do, fellow youngsters?” GIF. 

Skinny denims—particularly on males—are completely emblematic of a selected period when everybody wore a purple American Apparel hoodie to take heed to Fun. and sip Four Loko. That period has handed, and whereas I do not suppose I ever by no means have to drink Four Loko (or take heed to Fun.) once more, skinny denims? That’s one relic from 2011 I’d prefer to hold perpetually, thanks. Let me stay, Gen Z! 

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