Tia Mowry is reflecting on the racial discrimination that she and her twin sister Tamera confronted all through their “Sister, Sister” days.

The actress, 42, and Tamera launched to stardom on the sitcom in 1994 after that they had been merely 16-years-old, nevertheless, no matter their fame, Tia instructed Leisure Tonight currently that the duo was nonetheless not afforded the equivalent options as their white counterparts.

“So my sister and I wanted to be on the cover of this very trendy [teenage] journal on the time,” Tia recalled. “We had been instructed that we could not be on the cover of the journal because we had been Black and we’d not promote.”

She continued, “I’ll all the time keep in mind that. I’ll all the time bear in mind the place I was. And I would like I’d have spoken up. I would like I’d have talked about one factor then. I would like I’d have had the braveness to speak out and say that wasn’t correct.”

Tia added that she was insecure on the time because of the dearth of illustration inside the enterprise, saying, “I in no way seen girls like me. I in no way seen girls that, you perceive, had been embracing their curls or I in no way seen curly hair being portrayed as gorgeous.”

Tia and Tamera Mowry

Tia (correct) and Tamera MowryGetty Photos

Now, she is focusing on making certain that her daughter Cairo, 2, and her son Cree, 9, do not develop up with the equivalent insecurities and is grateful that illustration is getting increased in television and movies.

“To at the moment, I’m on a regular basis telling my gorgeous brown-skinned girl that she is beautiful,” she talked about. “And the equivalent issue even with my son. I inform him how handsome he is. I inform him he is good because I do know what it looks like for any individual to devalue your value, and I do not want my children to ever, ever, ever, actually really feel that and not have the ability, or the inspiration, to not think about it. To think about that they are worthy.”

Tia beforehand opened up about her time on “Sister, Sister” in 2017, confessing that she took weight reduction dietary supplements to take care of “the pressure of being on television and wanting to look enticing and gorgeous.”

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