These Actors Played More Than One Role in ‘Star Trek’

The Star Trek franchise has a behavior of utilizing the identical actors as visitor stars time and again. Since the actors typically wore elaborate make-up and prosthetics for the roles, viewers normally did not discover that they had been repeats. However, a couple of actors did seem in a number ofStar Trek exhibits with out main modifications to their appearances.

Some of those frequent visitor stars had been such favorites of theStar Trekhousehold, that they ended up with large recurring roles and even starring roles.

Here are a couple of of probably the most acquainted repeat actors in the Star Trek universe:

Tim Russ

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Though a number of actors landed recurring roles after guesting often, just a few landed a job on the principle cast of aStar Trek collection. Russ is a kind of few.

His first look in theStar Trekuniverse was in the sixth season ofStar Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). In the episode entitled “Starship Mine,” Russ appeared as a non-human who tried to highjack the Enterprisethroughout a decontamination process.Russ’s subsequent look was in the film Star Trek: Generationswhen he performed an unnamed Lieutenant.

Russ performed two completely different characters inStar Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9). His first position on the show was as a Klingon named T’Kar. The character appeared in the second season episode, “Invasive Procedures.” He was employed by a Trill to steal Jadzia Dax’s symbiont.

The second time Russ confirmed up in DS9 was as hisStar Trek: Voyager character, Tuvok. However, he performed the model of Tuvok that existed in the Mirror Universe, not the Tuvok onVoyagerin the Prime universe.

Russ’s greatest position in theStar Trek universe was as Tuvok, the Vulcan second officer onVoyager.He performed the position in 170 episodes of the collection.

Russ additionally appeared in two non-canon Star Trek spinoffs, Star Trek: RenegadesandStar Trek New Voyages: Phase II.

Tony Todd

ony Todd attends the

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Todd is a prolific actor, with over 230 appearing credit on his IMDB web page. He’s finest recognized for taking part in The Candyman in the 90s horror flick of the identical title.

He’s additionally a frequent Klingon in theStar Trek universe. For his first look on TNG, he performed a Klingon named Kurn. That position changed into a small recurring position, which he reprised on each TNG and DS9. InVoyager, Todd performed an Alpha Hirogen in one episode.

Todd made only one look as a human in the Star Trekuniverse, and followers lastly bought to see him with out make-up and prosthetics. In the episode “The Visitor,” which was in the fourth season of DS9, Todd performed the grownup model of Jake Sisko.

Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs poses at Grand Slam XIV: The Sci-Fi Summit on March 11, 2006 in Pasadena, California

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Combs was a favourite of theStar Trekhousehold. His roles span threeStar Trek exhibits. In a kind of exhibits, DS9, he performed 5 completely different characters.

Combs’s debut in theStar Trekuniverse was in the episode “Meridian” a third-season episode of DS9. He performed the character Tiron, a non-human who had enterprise dealings with Quark.

The subsequent time Combs appeared on DS9, he performed the Ferengi auditor Brunt. This changed into a recurring position. He performed the character eight instances all through the collection.

Combs’s greatest position in theStar Trek universe additionally occurred to be in DS9. He was cast because the Vorta Weyoun, a liaison between Deep Space Nine and the Changelings who ran the Dominion. The character was in greater than 25 episodes. In a kind of episodes, the incomparable Combs performed each Weyoun and Brunt.

In the final two roles Combs had in DS9, followers lastly bought to see his actual face, which had been hiding underneath make-up and prosthetics each different time he was onscreen. In the episode “Far Beyond the Stars,” Combs performed Officer Mulkahey in an alternate universe dreamed up by Captain Sisko.

Combs’s different out of make-up look was so small it wasn’t even credited. According, Combs appeared in a holodeck scene in the final episode of DS9.

Combs additionally confirmed up in a single episode ofStar Trek: Voyager. In “Tsunkatse,” higher often called the episode the place Seven of Nine fights the Rock, Combs performed Penk, the battle promoter and organizer.

InStar Trek: Enterprise,Combs had yet one more recurring position, this time as Shran, an Andorian generally good friend, generally enemy of the Enterprise crew. He additionally appeared as soon as as a Ferengi named Krem.

Marc Alaimo

Marc Alaimo at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in 2009.

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Alaimo is one other actor who, like Combs, began as a frequent visitor and ended up with a serious recurring position. Alaimo had visitor roles on two Star Trek collection, TNG and DS9. On TNG he performed 4 completely different roles in 4 completely different episodes. On DS9 he performed one position for 35 episodes.

Alaimo’sStar Trek debut was in the very first season of TNG in the episode “The Lonely Among Us.” Though he was uncredited on the time, he performed the character Badar N’D’D. He subsequent appeared in the twenty fifth episode of the second season, entitled “The Neutral Zone,” as Commander Tebok, a Romulan officer commanding a Bird of Prey. A couple of years later, Alaimo appeared as a Cardassian named Gul Macet in the episode “The Wounded.” For his solely out of make-up look in TNG, Alaimo performed Frederick LaRouque in the time travel-centric two-parter, “Time’s Arrow.”

On DS9, Alaimo performed the Gul Dukat in 35 episodes of the show, turning into one of many main gamers in the storyline. In a kind of episodes, he additionally appeared as Officer Ryan, a racist cop dreamed up by Captain Sisko.

James Cromwell

James Cromwell accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Humane Society of The United States 60th Anniversary Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 29, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

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Most Star Trek followers acknowledge Cromwell as Zefram Cochrane who appeared in the TNG film Star Trek: First Contact and one episode of Enterprise. However, he truly performed three differentStar Trek characters earlier than he performed the “founding father of warp drive.”

Cromwell first confirmed up in theStar Trekuniverse in the episode “The Hunted,” which was in the third season of TNG. He performed Prime Minister Nayrok, the chief of a non-human species making use of for membership to the Federation. In the TNG two-parter “Birthright 1 & 2,” Cromwell portrayed Jaglom Shrek, a Yridian who claimed Worf’s father was alive. He transported Worf to a Romulan jail camp to confirm the data.

In one episode of DS9, Cromwell appeared as Hanok, a Karemma weapons supplier who befriends Quark.

Several different actors have been frequent visitor stars portraying a number of characters in the Star Trek universe. Some performed two or three characters in one or two collection. Others performed upwards of seven or eight characters in three or 4 collection.

Vaughn Armstrong has the excellence of being the actor who portrayed probably the most particular person characters in the best variety of Star Trekcollection. He performed greater than ten characters over 4 exhibits, showing in TNG, DS9,Voyager, andEnterprise.



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