‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ Is a Look at Life After Apocalypse


“Walking Dead” is an edging of this October, the tenth anniversary on the air. It seems that a decade of dominating the ratings of our series nihilistic world grow enough to make it feel more like tonally mood of the moment. This seemed AMC, which was “Walking Dead” premiered in the middle of the runs of “Mad Men,” and “breaking bad” to be increasingly defines “The Walking Dead”. In what is just the second time, that is, with no attempts to prove from the spinoff in “Dead” is really quite to move to the act of the whole, in the future; the permission of the wealth which he had left behind it’s viewers were wondering, how many things he would be an end of eating the standard of itself trigger stress.

“Walking Dead is no World,” about two sisters accomplished Iris (Aliyah Regal) hope in my heart and rebel, (Alex Mansour) that the world is in the state of harpagavit out of detente on the threat of zombie. After a decade, with great effort in the life of the Book of Revelation a Georgia worried about his life with a cosseted, forbade them to a kind of zombies. Leads to the town of an exceptional general, Portland is another thing to be able to have fellowship one to be able to (Julia Ormond) whom the hope of one mistrusts. Some tension between the girls and their leaders is that their father (Joe Holt) was traded to Portland cement and a kind of mercenary system is that it gives us to act often show a lot of the fee will also look like.

An adventure for girls in the morrow he went forth with his fellow-scholars, After about two in the ashes of tow, and for them the relationship between the schematic will be able to – itself, it is not that one of them – but they act rightly. Was tamed rein and trauma to share the show takes a more elaborate like this is, it differs significantly from the “Walking Dead”. “Besides World” has an opportunity to show what sort of long-tail effects of the cataclysm of the game. On the social level, these insights were not surprising that sometimes the plausibility of laws (such as the fact she told and Omaha, Portland and got into contact). However, so far as human relationships, that’s an interesting to see how the imagination of young people fly out of chaos, which is to metabolize small children, and in which way, say, one sister, trusting in another tortuous order to influence, and the instinct . “Over the World” borrows some of the weight of the air in which it appears, than the idea of ​​the chaos young people are affected by certain piquancy to the momentum.

This is not perfect in a series of shots of the undead look cheap and often the rules are applied is never to allow such a thing as being evaded. And yet, there’s more to repair them, the will is to be done, there might, of the other angle, in general, who will naturally care that we do we had before was untouched by the probe, which makes you feel in the mind, and by the fans by his preventing a serious from the series of this series, as well as the dignity of the check out. And the desire to maintain his two young women inside and cause commotion in the family emotional response to the story of Revelation, by crediting it shows curiosity.

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