The Villain of ‘Discovery’ Season 4 is Space Itself

During the First Contact Day celebration yesterday, new trailers for nearly all of the upcomingStar Trek exhibits have been launched. Among them was a model new teaser trailer forStar Trek: Discoveryseason 4.

The teaser included a plethora of footage from the brand new season, suggesting that filming has been plugging proper alongside since November. It additionally included particulars that verify hints given by the showrunners and fan theories concerning the new season. The greatest reveal, nonetheless, was the villain of season 4, which is not like any villain a Starfleet crew has confronted previously.

Fighting Against Space Itself

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The trailer begins with a number of scenes displaying the ship severely broken and the crew combating chaos. Captain Michael Burnham narrates the scenes, speaking about how frayed her crew has turn into from coping with “uncertainty” on a regular basis.

Then the trailer cuts to Paul Stamets, who is explaining to the crew that they are coping with a “gravitational anomaly” that is greater than “5 lightyears throughout.” In the very subsequent scene, the bridge crew of the Discovery floats into the air, confirming a current rumor about a complete episode or extra being filmed with the actors on wires.

As the trailer progresses, followers discover out that the gravitational anomaly randomly seems in sectors of area, with little or no warning. Sylvia Tilly, rank at present unknown because it modified so many occasions in season three, warns the crew that they might by no means know if the anomaly is about to hit the ship. Her warning is adopted by a number of extra scenes of destruction.

New Alliances?


Throughout the trailer, a number of different species are proven coping with the menace of the gravitational anomaly, most notably the Ni’Varians and the Kelpians. At one level, a Federation consultant implies that this new menace will pressure Federation and non-Federation planets to work collectively as a result of they’re all at equal danger.

One scene specifically, as proven above, hints that Ni’Var, the Romulan/Vulcan planet as soon as often called Vulcan, may forge a brand new relationship with the Federation to fight the anomaly. At the tip of season three, the connection between Ni’Var and the Federation was bettering however nonetheless shaky. It appears as if that is about to vary.

The trailer additionally means that the Kelpians will play a serious function in season 4. Fans of Commander Saru can be delighted that he made a short however sturdy look within the trailer, together with one other Kelpian character followers have not met but. At the very finish of the trailer, a pair of human fingers is seen clasping a pair of Kelpian fingers.

Though the plain assumption could be that the fingers belong to Saru, the colour of the uniform means that they belong to another person. In Saru’s look, he is carrying a dark-colored uniform. The brilliant purple of the uniform worn by the Kelpian hand holder suggests a brand new character.

Starfleet’s Previous Battles With Space

Star Trek: ENT – Impaired T’Pol and Phlox trys to function the warp engineStar Trek: ENT- The folks on this colony had nothing to do with the assault on my planet(Xindi)2020-08-19T21:40:34Z

Just a few episodes of previousStar Trek exhibits have pitted the crew towards area phenomena that wreak havoc on the ship and the crew.

In the season 4 episode ofStar Trek: Voyager entitled “(*4*),” the crew encounters a nebula a number of light-years throughout. When they enter it, the crew begins to scream in ache as boils and scabs cowl their pores and skin. The bridge crew determines that people can’t go by means of the nebula safely until they’re in stasis. Seven of Nine, nonetheless, is immune as a result of of her Borg nanoprobes. So, Seven and the Doctor run the ship for a number of weeks because it travels by means of the nebula.

In an almost an identical episode ofStar Trek: Enterprise referred to as “Doctor’s Orders,” the crew discovers a trans-dimensional disturbance. Doctor Phlox determines that passing by means of the disturbance would trigger vital hurt to the people on the crew, so he insists on placing them into medically induced comas.

Both of these episodes, and some others, put the crews of Starfleet ships up towards area phenomena they cannot management. However, not like the gravitational anomaly inDiscovery season 4, the nebula and the trans-dimensional disturbance have been singular occurrences restricted to a particular place. This allowed the crews to make a plan about learn how to take care of the menace with minimal injury. Such planning is not potential with the menace confronted by the Federation and their potential allies in Discovery season 4.

The final scene of the trailer confirmed that the brand new season will launch earlier than the tip of the 12 months, although no particular launch date was given.



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