‘The View’: Meghan McCain goes on an anti-abortion rant about RBG’s Scotland Replacement


“Everyone stops!” Jopi Goldberg yells

Monday morning’s episode heated up talk of “The View” when there was a discussion about the open seat of the Supreme Court’s late Ruth Beder Ginsburg, which turned into an anti-abortion rant by Meghan McCain.

Opinions are flying as to whether President Donald Trump will succeed in enforcing his choice for the seat, while at the same time, Democrats are trying to block the decision until early next presidential year Would have been This was the case when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died at the end of President Obama’s term in 2016.

“View” co-host Sunny Hostin raised the possibility that attorney Amy Connie Barrett might be the choice of Trump, who launched Megh McCain in defense of anti-abortion Republicans – and current Supreme Court Justice Bretton Kavanaugh.

“Kavanugh really changed the game for a lot of Republicans, including himself. I was completely radicalized watching him testify. I mean they were accused of being part of a gang rape gang, ”she said. “It showed that the Democrats on their behalf would do anything and everything to smear any conservative.”

“Amy Connie Barrett is a staunch Catholic. She has seven children, among other things. I fully expect her – if she is the nominee – that we have ever seen before, in a way that is infamous and infamous. , “McCain continued.” It turns the election into battlefield, core, meat-and-potato issues, and if you are a supporter, like I am and have 47% of the country, this is for you. One reason to support President Trump becomes if you’re someone who’s wavering; If you think that there was not necessarily going to be a seat there. “

Joey Behar cuts to remind him that “most Americans don’t want Roe Wee. Wade overturns, by the way” – so that McCain messes up right before things happen.

“47% of Americans are pro-life, Joy, and every time I talk about the show it gets like its a huge minority in the country. Not this, I’m telling you,” he said. “Too much like a gun, it will drive people out. Period.”

Sarah Haines tried to take that chance, with Barrett saying that “we should all be scared,” but he was dumbfounded by McCain’s objections.

McCain said, “I’m going to be very careful, Sarah, before she is put in a courtroom.”

Despite Haines’ explanation that he was not specifically trying to discredit Barrett, McCain said: “This is me talking about the Kavanugh stuff, because of his religion and how many children he has, it’s already There is only one issue. “

Finally, Whoppy Goalbard had to clap his hands and shout, “Okay, everybody stop!”

Reveal the first half of the “scene’s” heated discussion above. And if you’re still thinking, that quote was trying to get out of Hans Barrett, this is: “There is a legal career, but a means to an end, and that end is building the kingdom of God . “

See the second half of the “View” SCOTUS argument below, or Here on youtube.

Source: www.thewrap.com

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