“The Simpsons” yet again made eerily accurate predictions – this time about Inauguration Day

Many individuals could not assist however draw similarities between Inauguration Day 2021 and the previous. No, they weren’t evaluating it to previous presidential inaugurations, however to old scenes in “The Simpsons.” 

The 2000 episode “Bart to the Future” is a play on “Back to the Future” – nevertheless it very a lot displays our current. In the episode, Lisa Simpson, who turns into president, wears a purple jacket and pearls. On Inauguration Day, Vice President Kamala Harris wore the identical outfit.It wasn’t simply the apparel that was comparable. As Lisa sits within the Oval Office, she says her presidency has “inherited fairly a finances crunch from President Trump.”

Vice President Kamal Harris wore an eerily comparable outfit to President Lisa Simpson on her first day in workplace. 

Getty/”The Simpsons”

Over the previous 4 years, many followers of “The Simpsons” have identified that the show predicted Mr. Trump would in the future be president. This episode additionally precisely predicts {that a} lady would change into one of the vital highly effective leaders within the U.S. after his time period. 

The parallels between the animated universe and Inauguration Day do not finish there. In “The Simpsons Movie,” from 2007, Tom Hanks voices himself – somebody who is mostly thought to be an upstanding man and a low-key, variety celeb. “Hello. I’m Tom Hanks. The U.S. authorities has misplaced its credibility, so it is borrowing a few of mine,” Hanks jokes within the episode.Fans could not assist however level out that Hanks hosted “Celebrating America” on inauguration evening. As host of the star-studded show, Hanks was kind of appearing as a spokesperson for America – just like his “credible” Simpsons character, who’s a spokesman for a “new” Grand Canyon.While the show did not predict Lady Gaga’s nationwide anthem efficiency on the inauguration, it predicted components of her 2017 Super Bowl show again in 2012. And it has made different predictions about leisure earlier than, like with the explosive final result of the penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones” — two years earlier than it aired. 
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