The Reasons Android Is Better Than Apple for Gaming

It’s a debate that many are still having but it seems a foregone conclusion that Android is simply a better gaming device than Apple.

The issue then, it would seem, is that users have their favorites and devices and operating systems that they have simply become accustomed to, and so will always prefer these to any other for their gaming experiences.

However, the facts below make Android a better gaming device than any from Apple, and unless specific technological changes are made in design and manufacturing, then this is likely to remain the case.

Better Graphics (Stand-Alone GPU)

Regardless of which Android phone or gaming console you have, there will be a stand-alone GPU (graphics processing unit), and this is how you will be able to achieve seamless and glitch-free gaming.

Android gaming is better than apple

If you want to increase the frames per second (FPS) that will make playing incredibly popular battle royale games much more enjoyable, then you need to look to your FPS and ensure that it suits the game being played.

Furthermore, the Android GPU can be removed and upgraded just as you could in a PC. However, the Apple GPU is fixed and integrated within the device, and the only way to improve it is to upgrade the device itself. It thus stands that a generic Android device will have better graphics than an Apple device.

Far Better-Organized Apps by Android

Being able to professionally organize apps on your Android in a way that will make them easier to access as well as only keeping the actual apps that you use is something that Android prides itself on.

The Android device is much better at doing this and ensuring that you have the apps that you use and that they are well set out and organized on the phone.

It Is More Widely Used Than Apple

The fact that in 2018, 78% of all mobile gamers used Androids means that the game developers had to recognize this, and most games were thus made for Android operating systems and, as such, worked better on the Android than they did on Apple.

The games, for example, that are found at most of the online casinos such as are generally played on Android and, as such, are then designed to arguably work best on these devices.

Android manufacturers have noted these discrepancies and have even worked to accentuate them. The latest Android phones have thus even gone further towards making them gaming specific. The latest handsets now come out with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 system-on-chip which makes for some of the best gaming available.

Android is a better mobile gaming device than Apple. You need to compare phones of the same caliber and cost, but overall, although Apple users will swear by this operating system and functionality, it is the Android that will win hands down as the best gaming device for mobile gaming that is currently out there, and for good reason.


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