The New Captain America John Walker Spoilers

The premiere episode of Marvel’s “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” left followers with a pleasant little cliffhanger: The introduction of a brand new Captain America.

That got here as fairly the jarring shock for a show centered round how Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) will navigate life with out Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) round as Captain America. The new vibranium-shield wielder is John Walker (Wyatt Russell), who can be recognized within the comics as US Agent. First showing in Mark Gruenwald’s “Captain America No. 323,” which was launched in 1986, Walker has at instances been a central determine in Cap-related tales.

With extra data on Walker undoubtedly forthcoming in future episodes, right here is what we already know about him from the comics.

John Walker Became Captain America After Steve Rogers

The ultimate scene of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” has sturdy ties to the comics. When requested by the U.S. authorities to formally develop into a authorities agent, Rogers formally retired from the function of Captain America. Given that the federal government considered Captain America as a authorities creation and its property, a search was performed for the following particular person to take up the mantle.

Known at the moment as Super Patriot, Walker was chosen to develop into the following Captain America and go away his old life behind. Walker studied Rogers’s strikes from his time as Captain America and underwent intense fight coaching.

It’s unclear how a lot the show will delve into Walker’s origins or how far alongside he’s on his personal path by the point viewers meet him. Given the ties which can be already obvious between the comics and the show, there are a couple of story beats that would come into play.

John Walker Isn’t as Righteous as Steve Rogers

Defined by his sense of what’s proper and good, Rogers is considered as one of the crucial revered leaders of the Avengers. Rogers had an idealistic view of service and valued his private morals and ethics over authorities orders. Walker would not precisely function the identical manner.

Considered a extra extreme operative, Walker might be a bit extra excessive in his strategies. This manifested in ways in which illustrated an absence of restraint and self-control. Rogers had traces he would not cross, however Walker killed within the warmth of battle quite a few instances. Notably killing not less than 10 members of the Watchdogs as revenge for the dying of his mother and father. Walker then turned on two former buddies – Hector Lenox and Jerome Johnson – whose revealing of his secret id led to his mother and father’ deaths, tying them to an oil tank with a lit torch.

A string of actions more and more disillusioned individuals of Walker as Captain America. The authorities finally faked his dying in order that he could continue to serve as US Agent whereas Rogers returned as Captain America.

There’s a Comics Saga That Seems Familiar

With the best way occasions transpired within the debut episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” issues are organising in ways in which might tie again to a reasonably current comedian guide stretch that concerned Sam Wilson as Captain America. “Captain America: Sam Wilson” is a sequence written by Nick Spencer that spanned 25 points from 2015-17. The sequence takes place after Rogers has the super-soldier serum faraway from his physique and turns into an aged man. No longer in a position to struggle, Rogers offers his defend over to Wilson to take up the mantle of Captain America. Sound acquainted?

In this sequence, Wilson has run-ins with the villain Flag Smasher – we’re launched within the first episode of the Disney Plus sequence to a bunch known as the Flag Smashers – and US Agent, who is shipped to take again the defend for the federal government. While Wilson voluntarily donated the defend to the Smithsonian in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” there’s a authorities official who thanks him for “coming ahead” with it. This might be a nod in direction of Texas senator Tom Herald within the comics who’s vocal in demanding the defend again from Wilson.

Prior to the discharge of “Captain America: Sam Wilson No. 11,” Spencer sat down with to debate how Walker and Wilson would interact in the comics.

“I actually do not view John as any sort of a villain,” Spencer stated. “It’s crucial to me that that is mirrored within the story. We could be taking a look at a narrative the place John and Sam very a lot disagree and see issues in another way, however that does not essentially make John the unhealthy man.”

John Walker, Meet Jack Daniels

When the U.S. authorities determined to pretend Walker’s dying it additionally determined to change his look, speech patterns and recollections to create a brand new id for him: Jack Daniels. Assuming a crimson, white and black costume throughout his run as US Agent, Walker operated as a authorities liaison with the Avengers. In this function, Walker’s perspective ran him afoul of most of the heroes, together with Hawkeye, with whom he developed a long-standing rivalry.

It did not take too lengthy for Walker to get better his former recollections, nevertheless, and Jack Daniels turned nothing greater than one other alias. He continued to serve on numerous superhero groups, together with the Avengers, Force Works, Invaders and Omega Flight.

Given that “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is simply a six-episode sequence, it is unlikely that that show can have room to discover this particular arc of Walker’s story. However, that should not shut the door on any future portrayals of Walker, who is usually within the periphery of varied tales.

How Sam Wilson Could Benefit From John Walker

At the tip of Walker’s first run as Captain America, the federal government asks Rogers to return and take up the defend as soon as once more. For the identical causes he stepped away within the first place, Rogers is reluctant. It was only at Walker’s urging that Rogers determined to as soon as once more develop into Captain America. Walker’s time within the function made him perceive the burden of accountability that got here with being Captain America, and he felt Rogers was the one particular person able to performing these duties.

It was a second of redemption for the character within the comics, and it might show to be one on the display screen as properly. While the state of affairs would undoubtedly be completely different, maybe it is an inspiring speech from Walker in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” that provides Wilson the assumption that he can fulfill Rogers’s want and develop into the following Captain America within the MCU. That can be an fascinating little bit of symmetry between Walker’s function within the comics and the show.



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