The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Decrypt

Two medical episodes in a row!

The Good Doctor has usually gone off observe lately, delving too deeply into characters’ private lives and getting away from how Shaun’s autism impacts his chosen profession.

The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 10 did not focus a lot on Shaun’s difficulties. Still, it did supply some compelling medical storylines, and the cyberhacking subplot wasn’t as a lot of a catastrophe as I used to be afraid it may be.

The very first thing the hour had going for it was that Morgan was not obnoxious!

I used to be shocked that she had such an awesome bedside method along with her liver transplant affected person. Morgan is often brusque, self–centered, and customarily annoying.

But this time, she appeared to have borrowed a few of Claire’s compassion and dedication, refusing to surrender on getting her affected person the liver she wanted it doesn’t matter what she needed to do to get it.

I’d have been desirous about Shaun’s tackle coping with a affected person with Downs Syndrome.

Autism and Downs are two totally different situations, in fact, however they each include their very own challenges. Plus, Shaun just isn’t all the time empathetic to different people who find themselves totally different on this means, which could have been fascinating to discover.

Despite that not occurring, although, this was a riveting story. I favored that Morgan was in a position to go the additional mile for this affected person with out being annoying and that The Good Doctor touched upon a number of the transplant system’s inequities.

Lim: The surgical procedure will not be an issue, however discovering her a liver transplant may be.
Morgan: Her scores have been excellent.
Lim: Shouldn’t be an issue on our finish, however that also leaves us competing towards each liver recipient within the area. No procurement coordinator goes to discriminate towards a affected person with Downs Syndrome, however they’ll give a affected person with a shorter life expectancy decrease precedence. She additionally lives alone and has no household.
Morgan: She labored so exhausting to be impartial and now it is gonna be held towards her?

The complete fatty liver conundrum jogged my memory of what lately occurred on Chicago Med, although this went in a completely totally different path. I favored the organ donation chain concept, although I questioned if the ethics committee would have an issue with it.

Personally, I feel it is an awesome concept, however might the board have been nervous about coercion or individuals not understanding precisely what they have been signing up for?

The board wasn’t consulted, so we’ll by no means know. But that may have been an equally compelling angle for this story to take.

Anyway, I used to be glad that every thing labored out ultimately. Jamie was so candy all through this ordeal that it was inconceivable to not root for her.

The Good Doctor additionally touched upon how the stigma of being previously incarcerated impacts medical therapy.

Woman: He killed somebody?
Park: It was 20 years in the past, and it was a sophisticated case.
Woman: I do not wish to save somebody like that.
Morgan: You would not. You’d be saving an harmless lady.
Woman: I perceive. But I do not need my kidney in a assassin.

I’m wondering what the true complication within the assassin’s case was since Jordan made up an emotional story about being abused. It additionally might need been emotional for the donor to satisfy the person and see if it was really easy to show him down face-to-face.

But Jordan’s lie dovetailed properly with the entire Claire storyline, so I can not complain.

I knew that Claire’s affected person had a secret, however I did not anticipate it to be that he by no means had most cancers within the first place.

I can not put my finger on any particular cases, however I really feel like this has been completed earlier than. It’s nearly, however not fairly, a medical drama trope for a affected person to have by no means suffered from a critical ailment.

Claire can also be all the time scuffling with moral dilemmas over issues like this.

Claire: He lied, cheated and stole simply to get himself on a Wheaties field.
Shaun: He did not steal the cash. He gave all of it to charity.
Claire: That would not matter. He ought to be in jail, not in our OR.
Olivia: Can we try this? Refuse to deal with a affected person?
Claire: We refuse therapy on a regular basis to sufferers who’re non-compliant.
Lim: What’s occurring? This is not the primary affected person who’s lied to you.
Claire: He did not simply lie about not smoking or consuming. He weaponized empathy and used it to change into a nationwide hero. How does that not piss you off?
Lim: It does. But I could be pissed off and nonetheless be skilled. Get him prepped for surgical procedure.

I used to be glad that Lim instructed her to separate her private emotions from her skilled choices, however that was considerably exhausting to take from somebody who fought the necessity for PTSD therapy even after it affected her work.

Lim’s recommendation was sound, however she hasn’t precisely been following it herself. Plus, I needed to surprise what occurred to her PTSD signs.

She was mad at Claire for telling Glassman about them however did not appear to be having any extra PTSD-related issues on the hospital.

That’s disappointing. PTSD would not disappear the second you get therapy, and The Good Doctor is often higher about psychological well being storylines than that.

Anyway, I used to be glad that Claire wasn’t the whistleblower. I do not prefer it when TV docs impose their judgments on sufferers’ private choices like that.

And the man did have some extent that he helped lots of people, even when he did do it beneath false pretenses.

Olivia’s resolution to take credit score for it appeared silly, although.

I get why she did. She hasn’t been blissful since her residency began, and her uncle’s perspective has by no means helped.

Olivia: I’m advantageous.
Andrews: That’s a certain indication that somebody’s not advantageous.
Olivia: I suck at this. I froze up, nearly killed the affected person. I all the time freeze up and Lim is aware of it. I really feel like an imposter.
Andrews: It’s a anxious job. Patient is a jerk, get used to it. Chief of workers would not respect you, show your self to her. If you are gonna achieve success as a surgeon, you have to develop a thicker pores and skin.
Olivia: My pores and skin is okay. I’m not –
Andrews: Suck it up and get again to work.

Hours earlier than Olivia determined to burn her bridges, Andrews instructed her to suck it up when she tried to clarify that she was scuffling with Imposter Syndrome — one thing that many doctors-in-training undoubtedly take care of.

But getting herself fired wasn’t an awesome answer. How straightforward will or not it’s for her to get a job in another space when she was fired for leaking confidential data to the press?

It’s not like she uncovered some vital scandal like docs making an attempt to get sufferers hooked on painkillers to counterpoint their very own pockets. She took credit score for exposing a affected person’s lie that had no bearing on most individuals’s lives.

And both means, now she has a fame for being a snitch.

I suppose she might simply depart her residency off her resume, but when a possible employer Googles her, as so many do these days, that could possibly be an issue.

That wasn’t as annoying as Lea, although

Shaun: So I’ve an attention-grabbing affected person. He says most cancers made him stronger however that is inconceivable.
Lea: Shaun. Would you interrupt Glassman whereas he’s doing mind surgical procedure, supply him a sandwich, and begin telling him about his day?
Shaun: That is totally different.
Lea: Why? Because his job is vital and mine’s not? You have any concept how insulting and demeaning you are being, similar to each man I’ve ever labored beneath. You do not respect me.
Shaun: You cannot deliver sandwiches into an OR.

I get that Lea is pissed off with the way in which girls who work in STEM are handled.

The insurance coverage man assumed she was a person when he heard she was in IT, and Glassman had earlier made snide remarks about being shocked that Lea might change a tire.

Plus, Glassman appeared overly desirous to appease the hackers as a substitute of listening to Lea’s recommendation.

But she appeared to maintain making blanket assumptions about sexism that weren’t warranted.

It was silly to imagine Shaun would not interrupt Glassman for that motive.

Anyone who is aware of Shaun is aware of that really, he HAS completed the identical factor, minus the sandwiches, to Glassman too many occasions to rely!

And she ought to know that Shaun says no matter’s on his thoughts as a result of he is Shaun, not as a result of he would not respect Lea as a lady or assume her job is vital.

She did have some extent when it got here to Glassman, although.

There was no motive for him to harangue her earlier than thanking her aside from to make her really feel disrespected.

I used to be dissatisfied that the ordinarily likable Glassman was so demeaning towards her this time round.

Your flip, Good Doctor fanatics!

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