The Best Movies Involving Deliveries You Can Watch

Throughout 2020, as the entire world was isolated, couriers and delivery drivers became some of our superheroes, bringing us food from our favorite restaurants, drinks from our favorite bars, and all manner of items to keep us entertained in lockdown. There is no getting around the fact that the pandemic would have thrown the world into an even greater deal of unknowingness without delivery drivers than it already did.

With this in mind, it seemed appropriate to honor these drivers by making a list that discusses some of the best movies that involve them and their profession. Of course, these are all heavily fictionalized as conducting deliveries now; thanks to sites such as, organizing your deliveries via a load board and carrying out deliveries has never been easier, but where is the movie-quality entertainment in that?

30 Minutes or Less

With a star-studded cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, and Danny McBride, it’s really no surprise that this 2011 comedy was such a hit. The whole thing took place in 2003 Pennsylvania and followed Eisenberg’s character, Nick, who had a pretty standard existence as a pizza delivery boy.

One day as he was called out on what he thought was a standard job, he found himself getting kidnapped by two bandits in Gorilla masks that force him to rob a bank for them. Nick goes along with the plan with the help of his best friend, but needless to say, things don’t exactly go to plan.

Sorry We Missed You

In a completely different direction to the above, you may want to grab some tissues for this one as Ken Loach pulls at the heartstrings of millions with his film Sorry We Missed You. It takes place during the poverty crisis in 2008, which saw the Turner family hovering just above the poverty line.

The main character, Ricky, takes a job as a delivery driver to try to help out as his wife’s nursing salary alone is not enough to cut it. He quickly comes to terms with the hardships of being a delivery driver, as the new role comes with a cascade of challenges and very little payoff (both monetary and otherwise). Working day and night, their family life begins to crumble as his relationship with both his wife and kids dwindles.

Express Delivery (Premium Rush)

This is a high-intensity thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It starts with a simple enough task: Wylie, who works as a bicycle courier in New York, gets asked to hand over an envelope (contents unknown) at a certain time and a certain place. This task is soon made much more difficult as Wylie finds himself being pursued by a corrupt policeman.

Home Alone

No, of course, this movie isn’t about a delivery driver, but there is one moment so relevant to how our lives were throughout 2020, and that highlights our thanks to these workers so much that it would seem wrong not to include it. After all, who, throughout the pandemic, didn’t at some point order food and look in the box with a gleaming smile on their face before exclaiming, “a whole pizza with cheese!”


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