The Best Educational Games to Implement in Homeschooling

Many people are adopting homeschooling for their children because it has the benefits of emotional freedom and better performance in tests. To get the best out of homeschooling and make it more interesting, parents need to keep their children engaged during and after the lessons.

Educational games play an important role in improving problem–solving skills and encouraging memory capacity among learners. Implementing educational games for homeschoolers is an excellent way to excite them and make them find valuable educational content.

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Minecraft is one of the best online games for students, allowing them to create anything they want in a 3D world. This game allows students to learn various subjects, so it is an ideal option for homeschoolers of all ages.

The players can access many resources which they can use to build a world like concrete, steel, sandstone, and more. The purpose of Minecraft is to keep players protected from night creatures and unleash their creativity. game enables students to learn the chess basics online and complete puzzles while making them more creative. It comes with activity reports through which players can track their progress.

They can play against fellow students or friends wherever they are, but parents must provide the email address to get their kids started. Homeschooling programs use ChessKid, so parents must check to see that their children can access the site.

PBS Kids

PBS is a great game because it comes with educational programming in its comprehensive website. The website is full of kids’ activities and interesting problem-solving games for children of different ages.

The gaming activities include team-building exercises, emotional awareness challenges, and interesting family-friendly and educative topics. PBS lets students find relevant, mentally stimulating, and engaging material while exploring their interests. provides activities that are good for a child’s needs and interests, so it is suitable for learners up to grade five. The students can search by core curriculum, topic, or subject and learn how to read. was founded by teachers and is quite an interactive and safe website for kids. The students can build foundational skills in reading comprehension, counting, basic coding, fractions, and more.


Taboo is an excellent game to get young kids ads teens to practice vocabulary and pronunciation. Teens in universities can get hooked on this game and even forget to complete their assignments. For example students who need to take a term paper but want to keep wasting time on any other game can ask for help from Edubirdie. Canadian term paper writers with academic background will help with any difficult assignment. Whether a student wants to write about a complex topic, the writing experts are ready to help and produce quality work. The experts will follow the content structure and come up with clear arguments and a solid thesis statement.

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Timeline comes in several versions allowing children to play in small groups or build timelines independently. They can combine science cards with history cards and learn about science and history subjects.

The timeline is engaging and easy to learn, and this makes it ideal for learners of all ages. This innovative gameplay enhances the ability of players to learn about specific topics while enjoying its competitiveness.

Mexican Train

Mexican Train requires the participants to apply some math tricks and strategies to create trains by linking numbers. The game constitutes 16 rounds, and the fewer points a player has, the better for them. Mexican train is suitable for learners above the age of ten and is preferably played during New Year’s Eve.

Chinese Checkers

Kids can start playing Chinese checkers at a young age, although it can make them obsessed. This game is almost similar to regular checkers in terms of strategy and rules.

Chinese Checkers is more fun when played in large groups and is suitable for children over seven years of age. Players should invest in a game with good quality marbles to avoid possible frustrations.


Scrabble can help players to check the meaning of words in a dictionary, so it is a good game for learning English skills. In this word-building game, more complex words earn a player more points as it demonstrates the level of creativity and word knowledge. Children with reading proficiency can benefit from scrabble, although it is suitable for those above ten years.


Matific is an interesting game that can let students learn some skills in math. The players must solve some equations and math problems to progress in different levels and ultimately win.

The participants can actively be involved in learning math skills by playing interactive mini-games. Students can play this game on their tablets, smartphones, or tablets, which means it is a virtual game.


Keeping the homeschooling learners engaged is a great way to optimize this education system and effectively use their free time. By playing any of the above games, the learners can improve their problem-solving skills, learn about subjects such as science and math and have fun. Playing educational games is good for learners at different stages as it can make them feel happy amid dealing with pressures in school.

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