The 5 Biggest Gamblers in Hollywood


When you know about big actors, you would be forgiven for thinking that their entire world stops and starts with acting, given it is a lifestyle that looks so glamorous.

Of course, this isn’t the case and everyone in the world, no matter their celebrity status, needs a hobby, and for a lot of them, that’s gambling. So, who is the biggest gambler in Hollywood?

Are You Interested in Gambling as a Hobby?

For our celebs, they have the resources to jet off to some of the most exotic and beautiful casinos in the entire world.

For many, on the other hand, this is a bit more difficult as they need to be a bit more cautious with how they spend their money.

greatest gamblers of hollywood

No need to worry though, it is still very easy to take up gambling as a hobby as all you need nowadays is a good internet connection.

With this, you can head over to legit gambling sites and have a great time on multiple casino games.

Ben Affleck

Starting the list is Ben Affleck who is renowned for being a big-time gambler on the Hollywood scene. He can often be spotted amongst the glitz and glamour of Vegas trying his luck at some of the different available games.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Hollywood without a bit of action, and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Ben as he currently finds himself banned from Hard Rock Casino and several other land-based casinos throughout Vegas.

Matt Damon

Right after Ben Affleck is his writing and acting partner Matt Damon. The two come hand in hand as like their work, they will often visit these casinos together and play games as a duo.

You could argue Damon is even more passionate, and he can often be seen winning games at various tables.

Brad Pitt

Hollywood heartthrob and acting extraordinaire Brad Putt is next on the list. His love for gambling stemmed from one of his films as whilst they were filming Ocean’s Eleven, Pitt found himself developing a bit of a taste for the various slot machines that were on set.

After the shoot, he continued to gamble as a bit of fun but was never as successful as his character in the film.

Tobey Maguire

Spiderman himself is also a very big fan of heading to different casinos and trying his luck at some games. He even managed to participate in one of the World Series Poker Main Event Championships, which was a lot of fun for him and even more fun for those who got to watch a familiar face try their luck at the table.

Charlie Sheen

This is probably the least surprising name on the list and a good example of how if you are gambling and the fun stops, you should stop.

Charlie’s is not a success story, however, as he has dealt with multiple forms of addiction in his life, and this was, sadly, one of them.

The game can be scary so you can watch some scary movies on Netflix right now to get the courage but we don’t recommend gambling as it involves financial risk.

John Smith
John Smith
John Smith is a passionate writer and entertainment enthusiast. With a deep love for TV shows and movies, he delves into the world of storytelling, exploring the captivating narratives and dissecting the cliffhanger endings that leave us wanting more. Through his articles on Flick Prime, John aims to provide insightful analyses, intriguing theories, and engaging discussions surrounding the latest TV shows and movies. Join him on the journey as he unravels the mysteries and secrets of your favorite on-screen adventures.


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