‘Survivor’s’ Boston Rob Apologizes to Sandra Diaz-Twine

Find out why “Survivor” castaway Boston Rob Mariano feels that he owes Sandra Diaz-Twine a giant apology for “Island of the Idols,” and likewise what he thinks he ought to’ve achieved earlier than “Winners at War” to assist his standing along with her.

Mariano Says ‘Island of the Idols’ Could Have Been Very Different

In a current interview on the “Surviving Snyder” podcast, Mariano revealed that “Island of the Idols” might have been very completely different and it is all his fault that it wasn’t. It all began when host Jeff Probst referred to as him about returning to the sport as a mentor — and appealed to Mariano’s ego by telling him in regards to the large statue they had been going to construct for him.

“I suppose perhaps three years in the past now … Jeff referred to as and I speak to Jeff often … as soon as each couple months we’ll say what’s up. But he referred to as thrice in every week and I hadn’t gotten again to him and I used to be like, ‘Oh, one thing’s up.'” recalled Mariano. “And he is like here is what we’re enthusiastic about doing … we’re gonna make you the mentor, this and that. And I used to be like, ‘I do not know dude, it isn’t for me. I really feel like I’ve achieved it, why?'”

“And he stated, ‘Listen, we’re gonna construct a statue of you, dude.’ I used to be like, ‘For actual? OK, I’m in,'” stated Mariano with fun.

And once they bought to Los Angeles, Mariano was given a candy provide for the season and he turned it down — and he is fairly positive Diaz-Twine has no thought this occurred.

“I’m gonna say one thing now and Sandra’s gonna perhaps hearken to this and she or he’ll die when she hears this however like — that is 100% true,” stated Mariano. “Before we left [for Fiji], Jeff was like, ‘Listen, you guys do not should be on the market every single day. We can have you ever someplace and we will boat you in when you must be there, you do not have to be like ravenous and residing on the market.'”

“And in my infinite knowledge, I used to be like no dude, that is BS. That’s bulls***. If I’m gonna speak the speak, I gotta stroll the stroll. We’re gonna be there doing it,” stated Mariano.

He then did get to ask for a couple of issues to assist them survive on the island — they bought rice, they bought vegatables and fruits, they bought development supplies for his or her shelter, and every time a tribe gained a reward, they bought the identical reward. But they had been nonetheless residing on the island, cooking for themselves on a fireplace and constructing their very own shelter, which Mariano thought was nice… at first.

“I used to be cool being on the market doing it, or so I believed,” Mariano continued. “Like the third day in, earlier than we had something constructed, it is pouring rain and I’m mendacity within the rain with Sandra and we’re attempting to sleep and she or he’s like, ‘What did we get ourselves into? This is ridiculous,’ and behind my thoughts, I’m pondering man, we might’ve had it a lot simpler.”

“Sandra, I’m sorry,” completed Mariano with fun. “Jeff did say it and I stated no method and that is why we bought caught with what we bought caught with.”

Mariano Also Thinks He Should’ve Given Diaz-Twine a Heads Up About ‘Winners at War’

Obviously, since “Island of the Idols” and “Winners at War” had been filmed again to again, Mariano and Diaz-Twine each knew they had been each going to be on it. But he did not inform her his spouse, Amber Brkich Mariano, was coming and he appears like in hindsight, he ought to have.

“The solely downside is perhaps I might have massaged the state of affairs along with her had I informed her [Amber was coming] as a result of by not telling her, she simply bought so scared that she needed to rally every little thing in opposition to us,” stated Mariano. “Instead of I hoped that she would simply see [the two of us] and be good sufficient to understand we’d like one another.”

But as a substitute, Diaz-Twine and Brkich Mariano ended up on the identical tribe and Brkich was the primary individual despatched to the Edge of Extinction. Diaz-Twine was not far behind her and Mariano thinks it is as a result of on neither tribe did the old-school gamers work exhausting sufficient to stay collectively, in order that they bought picked off one after the other.

“Survivor” returns for its forty first season on Wednesday, September 22. The forty second season will air within the spring of 2022.


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