Survivor 43: Episode 5 Recap & Elimination Spoilers


On final week’s episode of “Survivor,” Lindsay Carmine grew to become the fourth member voted out of “Survivor 43” after the Coco tribe misplaced their first Immunity Challenge.

Lindsay’s recreation began robust. She fashioned shut connections together with her tribemates and carried out properly in challenges. But like many gamers that got here earlier than her, Lindsay allowed paranoia to get the very best of her and it price her the win.

On tonight’s episode of “Survivor,” a fifth castaway will see there dream of profitable 1,000,000 {dollars} come to an finish.

The drama kicks off at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Follow together with our stay protection of tonight’s episode:

Survivor 43: Episode 5 Recap


8:00:Tonight’s episode kicks off with the Coco tribe. Cassidy confronts the tribe and asks who wrote her identify down eventually Tribal Council. Geo admits he wrote her identify down. He tries to elucidate his logic, saying he and Ryan got here up with the plan collectively. Cassidy remains to be suspicious of Geo. She desires him out.

Karla and Cassidy are speaking and so they agree that they need both Geo or Ryan out subsequent.

Cut to the Baka tribe. Elie and Jeanine are searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol. Jeanine finds a Beware Advantage in a tree. It is roofed in ants. Yuck. She instantly tells Elie. Jeanine expresses some concern in regards to the “beware” a part of the benefit however Elie reassures her that they do not want her vote to get Gabler out. She encourages Jeanine to go for it. Jeanine opens the Beware Advantage. To activate the idol, she should get her tribemates to present her their “Survivor” beads.

Elie and Jeanine needed to maintain the Idol information to themselves however…oh no. Owen noticed them. He is aware of they discovered the benefit. In a confessional, Owen reveals he’s conflicted. On one hand, if he offers Jeanine his beads, he can construct belief with the women. But then again, if he refuses to surrender his beads and Jeanine loses her vote, the boys can vote Elie or Jeanine out. In the tip, he decides to present Jeanine his beads. Let’s hope he made the correct selection.

Elie tells Sami in regards to the benefit. Okay, I assume they’re telling just about the entire tribe. The solely particular person they don’t seem to be telling is Gabler. Jeanine asks Gabler for his beads utilizing Cody’s technique from a couple of weeks prior. She says she desires to make a bracelet with all of her tribemate’s beads. Gabler presents his beads up fairly simply.

Sami reveals he desires to inform Gabler about Jeanine’s Idol. He thinks he can construct belief with Gabler by giving him this data. He tells Gabler. Gabler is mad at himself for giving Jeanine his beads. So, now everybody on the tribe is aware of about Jeanine’s Idol.

8:15:Time for an Immunity Challenge! Immunity is again up for grabs and so is a reward. The two profitable tribes won’t solely win immunity but in addition a tarp. Here’s how the problem works. First, 4 tribe members will likely be tied collectively by ropes. The 4 members must run by an impediment fabricated from sticks. Next, they need to climb by one other impediment. Once they end, they need to replenish a a pot of water and empty it into a bigger pot. Once the bigger pot is stuffed up, a gate will drop. The castaways will then go by the gate. Lastly, the castaways will gave to roll balls up a ramp. The first castaway that may steadiness three balls firstly of the ramp wins.

Vesi wins Immunity and the massive tarp!

Baka additionally wins Immunity. Coco will go to Tribal Council once more tonight. Turns out, Ryan purposely threw the problem, so the Coco tribe might vote out Cassidy tonight.

Vesi will get to decide on one particular person from Coco and Baka to go on a journey. They select Geo (Coco) and Jeanine (Baka). Jesse volunteers to go on the journey for Vesi.

8:25:The Coco tribe is recovering from their loss again at camp. Ryan tries to cowl his tracks by apologizing to the tribe for his efficiency within the problem. He does not need them to know he threw the problem. Ryan tells Karla and James to make it appear to be he’s the goal. James is like yeah, proper. He instantly tells Cassidy what Ryan stated. James lets Cassidy know that Ryan and Geo need her out however he is not going together with it. James desires Geo out. Karla and Cassidy need to vote out Ryan. Yikes, Ryan your plan actually backfired. You threw a problem and now you are almost definitely going dwelling.


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