‘Survivor 42’: Who Has What Going Into Episode 11?

“Survivor” has been identified to go a bit overboard on all of the twists and benefits in current seasons, typically to the displeasure of many followers and contestants.

However, by now, the cast of “Survivor 42” has been whittled right down to 7, and though all the benefits could also be slightly simpler to maintain up with, we now have made a complete submit holding monitor of all of them.

Here is a complete record of the benefits held by the ultimate 7 castaways of “Survivor 42,” heading into episode 11:

Lindsay & Drea Currently Possess Advantage Amulet

Perhaps essentially the most notable benefit value mentioning is the Advantage Amulet, which was launched within the season premiere however has solely begun to develop into an element final episode. Last week, Hai Giang, who was in possession of 1 third of the Advantage Amulet, was eradicated partially because of the energy he held, and since one much less individual in possession of the Amulet meant extra energy for the opposite two holders, on this case Lindsay Dolashewich andDrea Wheeler.

This implies that Lindsay and Drea are at present in possession of a Steal-a-Vote, in the event that they determine to make use of the Amulet collectively. If one among them is voted out in tonight’s episode, the Amulet will develop into a full immunity idol for whoever’s left. The benefit is just good till the ultimate 6, nevertheless, so if it is going to be used it is going to be in both tonight’s episode or subsequent week’s episode.

After she and Maryanne Oketch performed their idols pre-emptively in episode 9, Drea is now in possession of solely two extra benefits: an additional vote, which she obtained after “Risking” her vote on the Summit within the premiere, in addition to the well-known “Knowledge Is Power” benefit (used with out success by Liana Wallace in season 41), which she present in episode 8. This permits her to basically steal any participant’s benefit or idol just by asking them if they’ve one.

Maryanne can be nonetheless in possession of the additional vote she gained on the Summit in episode 1, in addition to a hidden immunity idol she discovered simply final episode, the day after enjoying her immunity idol alongside Drea within the season’s iconic double Tribal Council.

57-year-old Mike Turner, in the meantime, continues to be in his possession of the hidden immunity idol he discovered as a part of the “Beware” benefit again in episode 2 (which turned lively in episode 5 after he, Maryanne, and Drea all uttered their phrases publicly).

Romeo Escobar, Jonathan Young, and Omar Zaheer usually are not at present in possession of any benefits.

‘Do or Die’ Will Likely Return in Tonight’s Episode

So, to sum up, here’s a complete record of what everybody has as of episode 11:

Drea Wheeler:

  • Advantage Amulet (at present a Steal-a-Vote, good till last 6)
  • Extra vote
  • Knowledge Is Power

Lindsay Dolashewich:

  • Advantage Amulet (at present a Steal-a-Vote, good till last 6)

Maryanne Oketch:

Mike Turner:

As of now, it appears as if Drea is within the energy place, if not simply due to the sheer quantity of benefits she is in possession of, even after enjoying her idol in episode 9.

In addition, although it is not precisely an “benefit” (fairly the alternative really), season 41’s controversial “Do or Die” twist is ready to make a reappearancein tonight’s episode. If whoever falls sufferer to it tonight does certainly “Die,” then we must wait till subsequent week to see if any of those benefits will certainly come into play.

“Survivor 42” airsWednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


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