Survivor 42: Who Has What Advantages Going Into the Merge?

As followers of the newest “Survivor” seasons know, the CBS actuality collection is now rife with a plethora of twists and benefits (which you’ll hold observe of right here), lots of that are fully new to the show. With twelve contestants and a variety of totally different twists remaining on “42,” we thought it might be finest to interrupt down what twists and benefits are left, and who has what, in mild of the merge (or at the least a “faux merge”) episode subsequent week.

Here’s what it’s essential to know:

5 Contestants Currently Have Advantages, & 1 Has No Vote

Perhaps a very powerful factor to recollect is the “Advantage Amulet,” which was launched again in episode 1, however has hardly been talked about since. In the premiereDrea Wheeler, Hai Giang, and Lindsay Dolashewich all obtained possession of the Advantage Amulet, which grants them a certain quantity of energy, relying on what number of are left within the recreation. At 3, it’s an additional vote, at 2, it’s a Steal-A-Vote, and with 1, it’s a full idol. As a consequence, all three contestants at present have an additional vote. That might (and certain will) change down the road.

As seen within the premiere, each Drea and Maryanne Oketch selected to “Risk” their vote at The Summit; since Jenny Kim determined to play it protected, the previous two now have idols.

Although the three individuals who discovered the Beware benefit (Drea, Maryanne, and Mike Turner) weren’t capable of vote, they now have their proper to vote restored – in addition to an lively idol – attributable to all three phrases being mentioned final episode.

In addition, Omar Zaheer could have no vote on the subsequent Tribal Council, attributable to his option to “Risk” his vote at The Summit in episode 3. Chanelle Howard, who was there with him, additionally selected “Risk,” however already attended the Tribal the place she would not have her vote, later that very same episode.

As a consequence, right here is the breakdown of the benefits (or disadvantages) that every contestant has as of episode 6:

  • Drea has three: an idol, an additional vote, and the “Advantage Amulet” (at present an additional vote).
  • Hai has the “Advantage Amulet” (at present an additional vote).
  • Lindsayhas the “Advantage Amulet” (at present an additional vote).
  • Maryanne has an idol and an additional vote.
  • Mike has an idol.
  • Omar Zaheer has no vote on the upcoming Tribal.

At Least 2 More Big Twists Are Likely Approaching

If “Survivor 42” continues to reflect “41,” we’ll see at the least two extra massive twists within the coming episodes: the Hourglass twist, and Do or Die.

The Hourglass Twist is more likely to reappear subsequent episode, that means that one fortunate (or unfortunate) contestant could have the chance to “flip again time” and render six gamers – who had been beforehand immune attributable to profitable an immunity problem – susceptible, giving the opposite six (together with themselves) immunity. After that, the remaining 11 could have an actual merge, and the jury part will start.

The last 6 is more likely to see the reappearance of the “Do or Die” twist, that means that contestants will likely be given a option to compete in that episode’s immunity problem. Whoever decides to compete and goes out first will likely be given a one-in-three (which, in a Monty Hall-style drawback, then turns to a one-in-two) probability at security.

It is at present unknown as as to if manufacturing determined to maintain the Knowledge Is Power benefit within the recreation; by this time in season 41, it had already been launched, so if it’s going to nonetheless seem, it will likely be on a special schedule than “41.”

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. The three-hour finalewill air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


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