‘Survivor 42’ Final 6: Who Has What Going Into Episode 12?

“Survivor” is turning into identified for its quite a few twists and benefits in latest seasons, a lot in order that many viewers even need assistance preserving observe of them. Last week, it was Drea Wheeler who went into the episode flush with benefits; nonetheless, her Advantage Amulet, further vote, and Knowledge Is Power have been clearly not sufficient to maintain her protected.

Now, nonetheless, the cast has been whittled down to 6, and nearly each benefit has moved round or shifted in some type. So who has what headed into the penultimate episode of the season? Well, it might be vital to maintain observe, as they’re more likely to play a major function within the upcoming episode.

Here is a complete record of all the benefits held by the ultimate 6 castaways of “Survivor 42,” heading into episode 12:

The Advantage Amulet Is Now an Idol

Upon the successive eliminations of Hai Giang and Drea – two of the three holders of the Advantage Amulet – in episode 10 and episode 11 respectively, there’s now just one individual in possession of the coveted benefit: Lindsay Dolashewich. This signifies that the Amulet, which began out as an additional vote and matured right into a Steal-a-Vote upon Hai’s blindside, is now a full hidden immunity idol.

Furthermore, the Amulet, now idol, is simply good till the ultimate 6, that means that if Lindsay is ever to play it, will probably be within the subsequent Tribal. So until one thing goes actually haywire, Lindsay is more likely to make it to the ultimate 5.

What offers Lindsay much more energy is the truth that nobody else presently within the sport is aware of in regards to the Advantage Amulet, that means that nobody is aware of she presently has an idol. She might actually use this energy to her benefit, although how she wields it could possibly be difficult.

Maryanne Oketch, in the meantime, nonetheless retains her two benefits from final week’s episode:the additional vote she gained on the Summit in episode 1, in addition to a hidden immunity idol she present in episode 10, the day after enjoying her immunity idol alongside Drea in episode 9’s iconic double Tribal Council.

Finally, as viewers of episode 11 will definitely keep in mind, Omar Zaheer grew to become in possession of Mike Turner’s hidden immunity idol, after the previous satisfied him to present it to him to undermine Drea’s Knowledge Is Power benefit. This, after all, labored out of their favor, and promptly led to Drea’s elimination. As Mike privately stated through the episode, nonetheless, “Could I be taken to the cleaner’s by this man? Will they provide it again? They haven’t got to present it again! They might say, ‘Nah, Mike is okay’!”

It stays to be seen what is going to occur with Omar’s new hidden immunity idol, or if will probably be used in any respect. Both Omar and Maryanne’s idols can be good till the ultimate 5.

Taku Holds a Great Deal of Power

With a whole lot of speak of the previous Takus, who now make up 4 of the ultimate 6, retaining a lot of the ability within the sport, their benefit rely actually speaks to that. All of the 4 benefits are presently held by three former Takus, so until they activate one another (which is feasible, particularly given the strain boiling between 29-year-old Jonathan Young and the others), they’re more likely to make it one other day united.

To sum up, here’s a complete record of what everybody has as of episode 11:

Lindsay Dolashewich:

  • Immunity idol (good solely till subsequent Tribal)

Maryanne Oketch:

Omar Zaheer:

Although it appears as if Taku is within the energy place, the identical might after all be stated of Drea earlier than final week’s episode. In “Survivor,” appearances will be deceiving, and something might occur.

Could this be the week the mighty Taku falls? Tune into “Survivor” at 8 p.m. Eastern Wednesdays on CBS to search out out.The three-hour finaleairs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


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