‘Survivor 41’ Castaway Shares Hilarious Text Messages from His Mom

On “Survivor,” Ricard Foye is the crafty strategist who helped execute the eliminations of a number of castaways. In actual life, he’s a husband, father, and a self-described “mama’s boy,” according to his Twitter.

In October 2021, Ricard began sharing his mother’s hilarious “Survivor” opinions on Twitter. He tweets screenshots of their conversations, lots of which embody his mother insisting he “smile extra” and apologize to eradicated castaways.

Ricard’s Mom Loves Shan Smith

Shantel “Shan” Smith is Ricard’s primary ally on “Survivor.”

On October 14, 2021, Ricard tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation with his mom. He wrote, “My mother telling me how a lot she loves Shan. [laughing-crying emoji, eye-roll emoji].

“I really like that younger woman in your group,” his mother wrote in a textual content message.

“She is cute! Hmm! Hmm! Hm! Hmm! Hmm! Hm! Lol!” she mentioned in a separate textual content message. The “hmms” confer with Shan’s well-known tune she hums when plotting her subsequent strategic transfer.

“Survivor” followers expressed their love for Ricard’s mother on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote, “I really like this s*** a lot.” Another user replied, “Lol love this!” The optimistic response to the publish prompted Ricard to proceed sharing his mother’s “Survivor” ideas.

On October 16, Ricard Tweeted, “My mother has no chill. Maybe I ought to get on her Twitter. #Survivor #survivor41.

He included a screenshot of one among their conversations. In one textual content message, Ricard’s mother wrote, ” You by no means smile. I advised you it’s worthwhile to smile at individuals extra!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!! Can you inform them the way you and Andy met! [Ricard’s husband] That’s a pleasant story!! Hmmm hmm hmm.” Ricard replied, writing, “Mom. The season already filmed.”

“Survivor” followers beloved seeing extra texts from Ricard’s mother. One Twitter user replied, writing, “oh my god she’s iconic.” Another Twitter user wrote, “I’m dropping my s*** with this glorious content material”

Ricard’s mother is making followers like him much more. One Twitter user replied to the tweet, writing, “Tell your mother that this tweet really makes me such as you a bit extra. A bit [smirking face emoji] #Loveyourmom.” Another user wrote, “your mothers textual content simply made me such as you much more!! Get her on Twitter please asap lol.”

Ricard’s Mom Calls ‘Survivor 41’ Castaways Mean

On October 21, Ricard took to Twitter to share his mom’s thoughts on Genie’s elimination in week 5. Genie was the fourth member of the Ua tribe to be voted out. Before Genie’s eviction, Ricard made a controversial assertion about her in a confessional. He referred to her as a “spare tire,” implying she was disposable. Ricard’s mother was not completely happy together with his selection of phrases.

In a text message, she wrote, “You have to name her and apologize!!!!!!”

In a separate text thread, she mentioned, “I am unable to [get] over all of the backstabbing that goes on…Geez! [You’re] all imply.”

Ricard’s Mom Thinks ‘Survivor 41’ Castaways Are Jealous of Ricard and Shan

Ricard’s mother thinks he’s going to have a goal on his again going into subsequent week.

“Everyone goes to be jealous of that pastor woman [Shan] and also you for being good And attending to go to that occasion place on a regular basis. It’s embellished so good !” she said in a text. Ricard responded to the textual content, writing, “that [is] tribal and NO ONE desires to go there.

“Survivor” followers could not get sufficient of Ricard’s mother referring to Tribal Council as “that occasion place.” Tribal council is the place a tribe goes after dropping a contest. At Tribal, castaways need to resolve which member of their tribe they wish to get rid of.

One Twitter user responded, writing, “Petition to rename tribal “The occasion place.” Another user replied, “not everybody jealous of you and Shan for going to tribal council [three crying-laughing emojis].”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m Eastern Time on CBS. Season 42 of “Survivor” will premiere within the spring of 2022.


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