Survivor 41 Adds Shot In The Dark Twist At Tribal Council

In a brand new video forward of “Survivor’s” season 41 premiere, host Jeff Probst has revealed that there’s a new twist being launched this 12 months referred to as the Shot within the Dark — and it particularly takes place at Tribal Council. Here’s what we all know.

How Does The Shot In The Dark Work?

According to the brand new video posted to the “Survivor” Facebook web page, Probst explains how this new twist may very well be a game-changer — but it surely comes at a steep value.

“There will likely be new benefits [this season]. We even have one other new twist at Tribal Council referred to as the Shot within the Dark. It’s a Hail Mary. You solely wish to use this in the event you actually suppose you are in bother since you’re sacrificing your vote,” teases Probst.

While his voiceover performs within the video, there are scenes displaying somebody dropping a dice right into a stone container after which deciding on a scroll out of a basket. Then there are photographs of two scrolls being opened — one says “SAFE” and one says “NOT SAFE.”

So, we’re guessing it really works like this: If you actually imagine you are in peril of getting voted out, you’ll be able to select the Shot within the Dark twist at Tribal, however in the event you do, even in case you are not secure, you aren’t getting to vote. Then you drop your stone into the container and draw a scroll, which supplies you a 50/50 shot of being secure.

Now, there are a few issues up within the air right here. First off, does everyone solely get one shot in the dead of night? Or can they use it a number of occasions over the course of the season? Secondly, when do they draw their scroll and when do they reveal it?

If you lose your vote, it will make sense that you need to make the selection to do Shot within the Dark earlier than the vote. That’s in all probability the way it works, although would not it’s attention-grabbing in the event you needed to selected after the vote however earlier than the votes are learn? Then you’d should “out” your vote so Probst would know which one does not depend. And any votes cast in your, in case you are in actual fact “secure,” can be negated. That can be tough and attention-grabbing, although we’re fairly certain you are going to should determine earlier than the vote.

But then after you draw your scroll, do you instantly reveal in case you are secure or not? It can be verrrrry attention-grabbing in the event you acquired to maintain that info to your self whereas the others vote and you then acquired to disclose. Would they take the prospect and vote for you simply in case you weren’t secure? Or would you mainly get to be “secure” as a result of everyone seems to be fearful you drew the “secure” scroll anyway they usually do not wish to have their votes negated?

We’re excited to see how this performs out.

Probst Also Teased the Penalties Tribes Will Get For Losing

In the brand new period of “Survivor,” the filming schedule has been minimize down by practically two weeks due to the necessary two-week quarantine they now should think about. So, the sport is fast-paced and extra brutal.

“There are loads of modifications in ‘Survivor 41.’ First of all, 26 days. So, meaning it’s a very quick tempo. And there will likely be some controversial twists. They can have no meals, they get no rice, they usually get solely minimal provides to begin with,” revealed Probst, including, “There’s additionally going to be penalties for dropping. It’s not sufficient that you just lose the immunity problem and should go to Tribal. You’re additionally gonna lose your flint till the following immunity problem.”

Finally, he additionally stated the cast “is a good group of individuals,” with “plenty of completely different tales from completely different walks of life.”

Probst ends with, “‘Survivor 41’ is a brand new period of ‘Survivor.’ So, buckle up.”

We can hardly wait!

“Survivor” returns for its forty first season on Wednesday, September 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific occasions on CBS. The forty second season will air within the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so in the event you’ve at all times wished to use, now could be your probability!


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