Survivor 2021 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Off Tonight 11/17/2021

After pulling a quick one at Tribal Council two weeks in the past, “Survivor” castaways Xander Hastings and Evvie Jagoda are up towards the wall after their ally Tiffany Sealy was voted out on the November 10 episode. Can they bounce again and handle to get a foothold within the sport?

The November 17 episode is titled “Who’s Who In the Zoo” and its description reads, “A castaway is singled out for his or her dishonest sport, making a transparent distinction the place the road has been drawn. Also, in tonight’s problem, immunity and reward are on the road.”

Who do you assume the dishonest castaway is? The dastardly pastor Shantel Smith? She did get a relatively villain-y edit per week in the past. Or might it’s the papaya thief Ricard Foye? It must be enjoyable to look at it play out.

Follow alongside beneath with our dwell weblog because the ninth castaway is eradicated from “Survivor 41” however be warned of spoilers.


All occasions Eastern.

8:05 — Everybody is up in arms due to Heather throwing Tribal into chaos, however what as a substitute of Heather being the brand new goal, it’s extra rending the Shan/Deshawn/Danny/Liana alliance asunder. Deshawn and Shan not belief each other, in order that’s not nice for his or her alliance. But hey, so long as Evvie lives to struggle one other day, we’re OK. #StaffEvvie. But within the morning, Deshawn and Shan seemingly restore their relationship, however we’re not so certain they actually did.

Also, Naseer is satisfied that Heather voted for him and she or he’s insisting she did not — and she or he did not as a result of eavesdropping Xander confirms through personal interview that he was the one who voted for Naseer. But Heather is now lamenting getting a bit large for her britches on the final Tribal. Yeah, that was entertaining however not a fantastic transfer. You gotta know when the precise time is for that and that was not the time.

8:10 — Then on the seashore, there’s a daring transfer made when Liana, Shan, Deshawn, Danny and Shan simply resolve to have a chat with the core group, however they speak about going off proper in entrance of Xander and Erika! WHAT?! Are you insane?! You’re not even making an attempt to be sneaky!

8:15 — Immunity problem time. They are balancing on a perch and holding a deal with. If they fall or a hand comes off the deal with, they’re out. But they’re divided into two teams the place there are two individuals immune PLUS two separate Tribal Councils. Plus, the final individual standing within the problem wins hen and beef stew for his or her group. Ooooh.

The teams are Erika, Shan, Ricard, Heather and Naseer (yellow) and Xander, Deshawn, Liana, Evvie and Danny (blue). Evvie drops first, adopted shortly by Heather, Liana, and Shan. Hmm. Wonder why so many ladies early? It appears like a problem that will favor smaller ft, however perhaps it is extra about higher physique power. Ricard and Danny are out a couple of minutes later, so it is Erika vs. Naseer and Xander vs Deshawn for the 2 immunity necklaces. Then Naseer drops and Erika wins for yellow, however she drops shortly thereafter, so blue is consuming the stew. Then Deshawn drops and Xander seems like a strolling corpse. They attempt to hug by throwing their arms at one another.

Also, issues don’t look nice for Evvie. Deshawn, Liana and Danny are most likely going to vote her out. Bummer. Maybe Xander will give her his idol? He ought to, particularly after Danny brings up her identify to him.

8:30 — Evvie thinks she has Deshawn for certain and perhaps Xander. I believe that is a bit delusional on her half, however we’ll see. Xander and Evvie assume Liana is an efficient goal. Meanwhile, Danny tells Deshawn that it is clearly Evvie, no query. But Deshawn appears to be waffling?! Meanwhile, again on the yellow group, Shan and Ricard are engaged on Naseer to vote for Heather and Shan has an additional vote, so it is most likely a foregone conclusion that Heather goes house this week. But can Erika and Heather persuade Naseer to take out a much bigger risk like Shan?! Hmmm. But wait! It’s not that — as a substitute, Ricard is aware of that voting off Heather is a wasted alternative, so he desires to make Naseer really feel so secure that he does not play his idol after which all of them vote Naseer out. Shan argues to vote Heather out, however Ricard rightly tells her no method, that is dumb.

8:40 — It’s the yellow group up first at Tribal. Ricard calls Heather the straightforward vote and Heather agrees.

“Survivor 41” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific occasions on CBS. The forty second season premieres Wednesday, March 9, 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so in case you’ve at all times wished to use, now’s your probability!


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