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The global epidemic also, for some reason, could not stop the 2020 Emmy Awards, which took place last night. While the show itself looked different – with celebrities making their acceptance speeches via video calls from the security of their homes – one thing remained high this year: HBO topped.

even without game of ThronesThe 58-time Emmy winner who went on air last year was the big winner of the HBO night. The premium network took home a total of 30 Emmy Awards and 11 Telecast Emmys, more than any other streaming service or network. Janitor Took home the most wins for the network with 11 awards, then Succession With 7, Last week tonight with john oliver With 4, and excitement 3. (You can find the full list of Emmy 2020 winners here.)

Netflix hasn’t charged much higher over the past years, though it’s still in second place, taking home two Telecast Emmys, and 21 total Emmys, continuing its downward trend over the past two years. (Dreamer won 4 Telecast Emmys and 27 Total Emmys last year, and 7 Telecast Emmys and 23 Total Ames in 2018.)

Viacom-owned pop TV, thanks entirely to its comedy categories by Shit creek, Came in third place with a total of 10 awards. Newcomer Disney + dropped to fourth place, winning an Emmy thanks to its seven creative arts Mandalorian.

Amazon Prime slipped down the list without its big winner from last year, Fleabag, Though still manage to win four Creative Arts Emmys Marvelous Mrs. Massel. Hulu came in last among streamers, for which there was just one Creative Arts Emmy The Handmaid’s Tale. (Even Quibi won two Emmys for #FreeRayshawn.) And Apple TV recorded its first major win The morning showBilly Crudup.

How the night is played for major streaming services at the Telecast Awards:

  • HBO: 11 Telecast Immies
  • Netflix: 2 Telecast Immies
  • Apple TV +: 1 telecast amy

And here’s how the line-up runs alongside more traditional networks when you join Creative Arts Emmis – the Emmy Awards class that honors technological achievements such as production design, costume design, sound editing, and more , Which were awarded earlier this month:

  • HBO: 30 Total Emmys
  • Netflix: 21 total MMIS
  • PopTV: 10 total amys
  • Disney +: 8 Total Amy
  • NBC: 8 Total Amy
  • VH1: 6 Total Amy
  • ABC: 5 total amy
  • National Geographic: 5 total amy
  • Adult swim: 4 total ammis
  • Prime video: 4 total ammis

If you break it and show it, Janitor Was the overall overall winner, then Shit creek And Succession.

  • Janitor (Hbo): 11 total Emmys
  • Shit creek (PopTV): 9 Total Emmys
  • Succession (Hbo): 7 total MMIS
  • Mandalorian (Disney +): 7 total MMIS
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1): 6 Total Amy
  • Shanivari Night Live (NBC): 6 Total Amy

So even though it was an Emmys like we’ve never seen before, the winner is, essentially, what we’ve seen before: HBO dominates, and Netflix is ​​coming in second – though, in particular, with a little bit of back-to-back. Was lagging behind last year. But Disney + has performed well with eight awards since its launch, considering it to be only one major flagship original series. And you can’t rule out that there were more streaming services on Emmys in 2020 than ever before. It will certainly only grow next year – if the world still exists, certainly.

The clock Janitor On hbo



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