Starzplay’s Maaz Sheikh on Why Disney Plus Isn’t an Existential Threat


Starz play Arabia was launched in 2015 as the first digit Starz Svod now available outside the US-20 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, Pakistan and the job until now had been growing at a steady rate. 19, after COVID like many other people throughout the world streamers, Starz Arabia, in order to saw it’s a major growth spurt quick wound that Apple starting to grow again, and additional distribution in favor of this month.

The company’s co-founder and Sheikh is not only the CEO Moös variety which he thinks he who wins and why the prospect of growth in a region Disney launching more power than what he pays a risk. “

The newly released figures showed strong growth in the coronavirus discrimination in the Middle East and overlapped Ramadan, which is always a peak season for Arab TV audiences.What are the key indicators?

We have up to three times as much as you may little by little, about the middle of the consummation of the. 19 January 2020, COVID to the peak in April, so that the material of the tripled in the space of four months.

To give you perspective, we thought business to grow at more than 8 weeks, in terms of consumption, than we did in the last 5 years after they started a company. It’s a very consistent base, although it’s true.

Well, that’s, in terms of consumption. What are the signatories?

We are currently at 1.8 million. We started, and a year of almost 1.2 million, 1.3 million. In this way it will be done be a good man, and the year for us. We have grown very nicely.

And there is no competition from three in terms of growth ofsubscriber benefit? This means stable growth!

Am in terms of paying subscribers, the jury is still out, perhaps with some other platforms. However, at least Netflix, Starzplay (Arabia), and did so much, in terms of OSN paying subscribers.

Then one day … paying subscribers tell us that the truth is that I’m assuming it’s true as well for other platforms anyone know anything that is that viscous subscribers come on time. We, for, twist base which is to be taken that experts are in the fuller development of the lockdown is lifted. And still hesitant to say so and declare victory in the financial and subscribers paying for long-term performance COVID-19. Of course, the consumption through the roof. Subscriber growth has been. It is not, however, to stay as much as of the time, it is too early to tell the truth.

What do concerning your great Hollywood did He show?

But if there is programming us to-day, almost all of it is distributed by the major studios. To give you some specifics: “Breaking Bad” and “Friends” – both from Warner Music – top shows us two, they may binge-watching and minutes (consumption) is nature. And you look at the “duty of” universal is there when you are in terms of consumption. The same applies to move on to Disney “Anatomy Gray ABC since it is our Head.

The Sony have and the good Doctor, “something totally new show, it’s well. From the MGM we’ve got “The servant’s Tale” … then our partner since the time that it continues to be one of Showtime and ally. “Billions” continues to be a high performing show.

What about the Arabic content?

By the COVID, 19, and the content with the consumption of Ramadan, we have seen the five times since, as appears from what we have seen in former years, and Arabic. We have also experimenting with other types of Arabic content, including comedy, drama and action, and Arabic carry the movies.

I have to talk to the original Arab

We started with the “Central Baghdad,” and we’ve said to our original, though it was cooperation with humans Caborca ​​and Hulu.

They are ours, as before, in the production of the original it is a “Urban Legends,” And he looked up, and let us go, that, got the first place in the 2020/2021 and lived for the sake of which they are COVID-19. Then, in 2021, by the end of that year, they are looking to produce two shows, and then the following 4 years in most cases. It’s original content roadmap for us.

By means of the originals Caborca ​​a covenant with thee, and will lead to the distribution of recent more than these?

The first is the ability of the western form of the mingled people, and the gate of the earth would be the work of the admixture of the study of Hollywood, in Arabic, that he should bring to us the formula to success. Thus, for us to do unto his countenance was more than appreciate. And a “Baghdad Central” What have you done to us was that the show was shot in Morocco by the (US star) Waleed Zuaiter like lead, they gave us all the anchors are needed for a Regional show, but at the same time they gave us the subscribers quality have come to expect from the Western, I will show. It is the best of both worlds for us. We are looking to do that with a number of other studios and Caborca ​​of that magnitude.

What is “Baghdad Central” did you?

We aired in mid-February, with the opportunity of hosting the lead character, including Waleed Zuaiter, in Dubai and producers. Knowing that has helped us place the show and make her more relevant to the region.

In six weeks, that is, by making Arabic the top of our shows, the top 10 overall, and have one of our shows. However it’s six episodes – it’s not a big box set – it was one of our top 5 shows in March and April. He really helped us, it means that this is a really great deal.

What do you think he was yet in Disney to not more than the Middle East, launched its service?

Walt Disney licensing partnerships here, and went back to the thing an intimate friend of a wide-ranging 20-25 years. The licensing revenues, not only the content but also a lot of things associated with merchandise sales and theatrical. For them, it’s not just about Disney greater liberty or content. There is a much bigger picture here … and I think that the Middle East has its own complexities and needs to be some degree of local … the ability to monetize the mode of payment (credit cards are to be published) and telco integration is perhaps the range of language – if that – between Arabic, French and English, he is not here.

Having said that, I think it’s safe to assume duty in the region Disney Over launch in the next two years. We have to be prepared for it, and we assume that it will.

What makes the play Starz Arabia will stand up? What is their specific identity?

Because identity in the foreseeable future will remain out of the mix of Hollywood and Arabic premium content. In this way, the launch of the Disney it would bring more in the country. But there is still plenty of opportunity licensing of Hollywood content to be able to compete with Disney to build and heal the job much more like Netflix. The reason is that today we can say that our service is very balanced consumption of other students in the various categories.

I see that there is no more than that of the Disney by means of threats. There are numerous other studios and access, we are working to launch when you do not plan right, to keep consumer services in the country, he is confident that many years in company with them.


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