More Stars demand justice for Breonna Taylor including Beyonce & Cardi B


I’ve seen a rush of brands getting progressively political since Nike purportedly embraced my marking rules to dispatch their battle with previous NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and take a position on police fierceness.

Be that as it may, I despite everything accept there’s far to go. Brands need to accomplish more. We as a whole need to accomplish more.


Since George Floyd ought to be alive. Watching his demise at the knee of a cop was one of the most sickening things I’ve seen in a long time. In this way, it’s extraordinary to see superstars from Beyoncé, Cardi B and Lizzo, to Jamie Foxx, Justin Bieber and LeBron James making some noise, and showing every one of us some things about standing firm.

The primary exercise is that we mustn’t be reluctant to express our genuine thoughts.

Stars demanding justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor

Cardi B

The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker advocated the development swearing equity for Breonna, posting a pic of the youthful EMT in a dark dress. “Glad Birthday #BreonnaTaylor .She looks so beautiful and fine in this pic. Her story it’s so tragic and unreasonable and it nearly didn’t get got by the media,” she started. “Kentuky police office truly attempted to hide her situation where no one will think to look, yet got is BIG. The battle ain’t over till you get equity.”


Khalid is also spreading his voice to fans showing full support to Black Lives Matter movement demanding justice for George Floyd. He also posted Happy Birthday Breonna Taylor on his instagram profile and urges to sign the petition.

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha uploaded a beautiful drawing of Breonna to wish her greetings for birthday and put her voice in the caption as “She was a beautiful and brave EMT who was murdered by police officers before 3 months into her own home said Meant to Be Singer and nobody has charged in her death.

Samuel L. Jackson

The singer tweets a sweet happy birthday on twitter with SAY HER NAME and putting a hashtag of #guiltynotcharged.

Mira Sorvino

The award-winning actress also wishes Breonna Taylor on her 27th birthday by posting an adorable picture of the young EMT, allowing her followers to take action.


Beyonce, 38, shared a shocking craftsman rendering of Breonna by 18-year-old craftsman Gracie Lee, which you can see here. “Equity for Breonna. Snap the connection in my profile to make a move,” the Dangerously In Love artist subtitled the post, highlighting a page on her site with more data. In the picture, which was an oil-painting feel, Breonna is envisioned with a blossoming wreath on her head.

Andy Kohen

Bravo have Andy Cohen shared an image of a radiating Breonna in her uniform. “No captures have been made in the silly homicide of #breonnataylor. Today would’ve been her birthday,” he subtitled the highly contrasting photograph. Fans expressed gratitude toward Andy for drawing the disaster out into the open, which some have noted has been losing all sense of direction in the sequence of media reports.

“Much obliged to you for focusing on this disaster. Your first post about her was the main I had known about it. Furthermore, I’m in southern Ohio-not that a long way from her home,” one adherent remarked.

Paris Hilton

Paris wants justice for George Floyd as well as Breonna Taylor, shows her support by posting a shining portrait of the birthday girl on her twitter account sighting caption “Today would have been Breonna 27th Birthday. She was an essential worker for the EMT who protected her community. The officers involved should be charged. “

Karlie Kloss

Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss shared a post on her Instagram remembering Breonna, and requesting those liable for her demise face the outcomes. “Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday celebration. A festival and life stripped away when the police improperly broke into her home, riddling her with slugs in March,” she inscribed the image. “Breonna was an EMT, a fundamental laborer during a period of emergency, a companion, a girl thus significantly more.

Breonna never got the opportunity to encounter her 27th outing around the sun and those liable for her homicide have gone safe. Respect Breonna and request equity for her and her family.”

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